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Helpful Remodeling Tips

Remodeling Pays

By January 23, 2009December 2nd, 2022No Comments

by Mina Fies

The fresh start of a New Year and a new President puts a sense of optimism in the air.  However, many people are looking for ways to ride out the “storm” of the current economy; being cautious and making sure money is spent in a more prudent fashion is the new trend.

Most people are liquidating their portfolio’s and staying away from the bearish stock market.  So if that’s the case, where should you invest your money?”  You wouldn’t expect the answer to be the housing market would you?  Well, think again.

Many people have decided not to sell their houses, so they’re remodeling in hopes of selling in the future – and making them more fun and functional for their family in the meantime.  Think about it, updating your kitchen and baths or finishing that basement makes the prospect of staying in your current home for a few more years much more appealing.

However, this is where some people often make a mistake.  Don’t think of remodeling your home, you want to think of re-DESIGNING your home.  You’d be surprised how important it is to think past just replacing your existing countertops, fixtures and flooring.  You can add tons of value (and not a lot of cost) with just a few simple design changes such as removing walls or changing the layout of your kitchen.

And whatever you do, don’t just simply drywall and carpet your basement so it’s “finished.”  It’s important to add small design elements like art niche’s, rope lighting and wall sconces because they instantly provide that WOW factor.

When you make these types of simple design changes, you create a unique home unlike anything else on the block.  Who’s house do you think will sell faster when the time DOES come for you to put your home back on the market?  Now that’s a return on investment!

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