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The In-Home Addition

By April 14, 2011December 6th, 2022No Comments

Enhance Your Space without Expanding Your Footprint

by Mina Fies

Synergy D&C: The In-Home AdditionMany homeowners we talk to these days seem interested in expanding their living space.  Perhaps our recession-weary neighbors are anxious to look towards the future and plan ways to invest money in their home.  However, as far as additional living space goes, others may be more cautious.  A home addition, while appearing to be an obvious solution to space issues, can be complicated and costly.  The good news?  There are simpler ways to increase the space efficiency of your home.

Sometimes people think the only way to add living space is to blow out a section of their home and create an addition.  Adding square footage becomes the focus, when in reality, reorganization of the existing space may be a more suitable option.  We can help by providing fresh insight into ways to rework your current living area without adding any physical space.

When remodeling, it can often be difficult to see past the current floor plan.  But a little creative thinking can yield inspired solutions.  It is almost always simpler to move non-load-bearing walls than to add on, and even a slightly more open floor plan can do wonders for your home.  This reality fortunately falls right in line with current design trends.  New living styles are redefining the way that many Americans lay out their kitchens, dining rooms, and living spaces these days.  Formal living and dining rooms are disappearing while “great rooms” and open floor plans are gaining popularity, as the kitchen becomes an indispensable “hub of the home.”  Think about the elements in your current configuration that block off spaces from one another: walls and doors, peninsulas, hallways, etc.  A more open floor plan could make the entire area feel more spacious.  Also think about key areas where space can be rearranged.  An older home may have space allocated to bathrooms, hallways and closets that could be better utilized in an open kitchen or great room.  Even small redistributions of space that suit your living style (such as opening up a little breakfast nook) can feel like vast improvements.

Of course, some projects may require more physical space.  Additional bedrooms and sunrooms are examples that might justify a home addition.  However, if the features you hope to gain from an addition are more simple – improved traffic flow, increased storage, or additional sitting area, for example – you may not have to look any further than your current footprint.  With some creative reorganization, it will feel as if you’ve actually opened up a whole new space.


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