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Unique Spaces and Products

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We are constantly exploring great new products – from the subtle elegance of innovative finishes, to mind-boggling mechanics of a futuristic piece of furniture. As always, we’ve compiled some of the most exciting new innovations and hottest design trends for you this month.

First, a product that you’ve probably heard of, with a fresh new look: cork flooring planks, which mimic the look of rich hardwood while upholding the highest standards of green building materials. See the full article to explore the many benefits of cork! In our Product of the Month, we’re also featuring a revisited idea – the Murphy bed. You’ll have to check out the video to see how Zoom-Room blows the original out of the water.

Last, we’re excited to announce the opening of Chasin’ Tails Cajun Seafood and Bar! The new restaurant, Synergy-designed and built, looks stunning in its completion – and the food is amazing to boot. As one local reviewer wrote after the opening, “if you don’t have plans tomorrow night – now you do.”



Cork planks such as the Almada products from US Floors give homeowners one more reason to consider cork over hardwood. From

Cork Flooring: How This Nature-Lover’s Favorite Can Keep Your Space Fresh as a Bottle of Fine Wine

Chances are, if you’ve heard anything about sustainable materials, you’ve heard of cork flooring. In a sea of “green” products, cork is one of the few materials that is natural, healthy, and kind to the biosphere in almost every aspect. Take a look at the characteristics cork has to offer – including many unique looks for almost any type of space.

1. Kind to the Earth

Unlike hardwood manufacturing, the extraction of cork does not necessitate cutting down trees. In fact, cork products are made from the regenerative bark of the cork oak, which can be harvested over and over every 10 years, without harming the tree.

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Think Chasin’ Tails looks great from here? Check it out in person!

NOW OPEN: Chasin’ Tails Cajun Seafood and Bar

The big day has arrived! Chasin’ Tails, a Cajun seafood restaurant and bar – serving crawfish imported straight from Louisiana – opened earlier this month in Arlington. We had a fabulous time from design through construction of this unique space – contributing to its fun and funky atmosphere! Check out the before, during and after photo’s on our facebook page.

Here’s what local blogger Jennie Tai writes: “You won’t find another seafood bar that serves fresh Louisiana crawfish, local beer, original mixed drinks, and other traditional Cajun dishes with multiple big screens around the room, and its’ very own hand washing station, anywhere in Arlington.”

Be sure to stop in and savor the food, drinks, and ambience next time you’re in Arlington!

The Zoom-Room Murphy bed slides out from its hidden location at the touch of a remote.

Product of the Month

Who doesn’t love a good surprise element in their living room? Even if you don’t live in a small space, the kid in you can surely appreciate this great product with a hidden purpose. The Zoom-Room is a Murphy bed masterfully disguised, which uses a remote-control to turn elegant cabinetry magically into an extra sleeping space for guests. And the best feature? Because of its smart construction, which allows the mattress to slide up behind a cabinet using accordion-like mechanics, the hidden bed will not interfere with bookshelves, décor, or even a television mounted on the product.

Check out the Zoom-Room Flickr album to see some great examples of custom shelving and entertainment centers built to incorporate the hidden bed!

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