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Putting the “Heart” in Your Home

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As a kid I remember loving the beginning of the school year. Fresh new clothes, clean notebooks and sharp pencils, not to mention the excitement of seeing old (and new) friends!

Although those school days are far (way far) behind me, I still find this time of year exciting…just for different reasons. Instead of clean notebooks and new backpacks, I look forward to fall linens and new couch pillows 😉

However, this fall is extra special to me because it’s the first year of our Midori Workshop on October 13th! Midori is a collaboration between my two dear friends Danielle Omar and Richa Badami and our purpose is to help others unite their home, heart and health to live a conscious life…now!

It’s always been my belief that there is a deep connection between our personal selves and the spaces we surround ourselves in. Although my role at Synergy D&C remains unchanged, Midori will allow me to share that knowledge in a way I haven’t before.

So if you thought renovating your space just meant new countertops and hardwood floors, think again… more here.

Enjoy the shift of seasons and don’t forget to Renovate Happy!

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Rich wood cabinetry and striking black granite bring an elegant look to the updated kitchen

Project of the Month: Transformational 1st Floor Renovation

Check out the photos of the kitchen and adjacent living room that we transformed in Dumfries, VA. The before pictures show a dark 1978 kitchen and living room, with a tired fireplace and paneling, and a cramped kitchen workspace.

To breathe new life into the stately home, a new floorplan was conceived that helped the kitchen flow seamlessly into the dining room and beyond. All new cabinetry and a large functional island provide the perfect space for whipping up a gourmet meal. To make the family room more friendly and inviting, the fireplace and a new surround were pulled forward, and built-in cabinetry was created on either side. New hickory flooring and fresh light paint colors tie the whole space together with a relaxing airy feel.

It’s amazing how fresh this main level looks after a few cosmetic changes! However, much of the magic is found beyond the aesthetics; there are dozens of hidden updates that help the new space function more efficiently for the homeowners. “Drop zone” cabinetry with various catch-all drawers, an expansive chef’s pantry, brighter lighting, and new patio doors are just a couple of the details that we helped integrate into the gorgeous new design!


Finding your “Spot”: How to Restore Sanity by Carving our Your Corner

People who know me always hear me talking about my “spot.” No, not a spot on my carpet or my favorite chair, but a spot I call my own; a space where I feel renewed and at ease. Where I can curl up with a good book or just close my eyes for five minutes before the start of my day.

We all live very busy lives. I know I am stretched too thin at times and feel that something just has to give!

Well, the bad news is, I don’t have a magic wand. However, for me, “work-life balance” has been a life-long pursuit. Finding time for myself (even if it’s just for a few minutes) is the single most important part of my day. One way I’ve learned to do this for myself (and for my clients) is by creating a space in my home that is just for me.

Read the full blog post.


Join me in our first Midori Workshop

I am thrilled to be co-leading a groundbreaking workshop with two power-house women, Danielle Omar and Richa Badami in our first Midori Workshop to be held October 13, 2012!

We’re on a mission to empower others to live their best life right now. We believe uniting our homes, our hearts, and our health is the secret to living a conscious, balanced life that is aligned with our deepest desires.

Although my role as CEO of Synergy D&C remains unchanged, I’m excited to use Midori as a way to communicate to a much broader audience about the heart-based side of renovating.

During the workshop, I’ll be providing simple, yet powerful, techniques I use to create spaces that nurture the soul. Danielle Omar will be sharing empowerment secrets that help anchor the mind with the body and lead to conscious eating, while Richa Badami will be sharing tips on how to create simple yet profound pauses in everyday life that inspire “meditative moments”.

The Midori workshop will be hosted by the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport in Herndon (right outside of Washington DC), and will be easily accessible by participants in major metropolitan areas up and down the East Coast.

To learn more and register…

Our Team is Growing!

Meet our New Project Manager, Tom Reineberg

With over 27 years in the construction industry and a proven track record for managing complex and challenging projects, Tom’s wealth of experience is a welcome addition to our team.

As an added bonus, Tom is also a talented architect who truly understands the importance of well thought-out designs. This is right in line with our mission to bring design AND construction together in one cohesive experience for our clients.

Read the full press release here.

Been thinking about remodeling?

If a renovation is on your to-do list, you probably have a lot of questions and don’t know where to start. Why not let us help you get that project complete?

Get your free download of our Renovation Roadmap™ or visit us at and we’ll get you started on your way to a successful renovation.

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