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Chiropractor’s Office Receives Holistic Design Treatment

By March 19, 2014December 2nd, 2022No Comments

This month, we’re featuring photos of one of our most recent commercial projects for Palmercare Chiropractic in Sterling, VA.

Before purchasing an adjacent office space, Palmercare occupied one half of the end of a floor in a commercial high rise. When renovation began, the parting wall was demolished and the office now occupies the whole end of the floor, with natural light streaming in from windows on 3 sides.

A very open floor plan, a glass office on one side, and pastel colors create an uplifting “zen”-type space that makes patients feel at ease. Pretty lighting and two built-in waterfalls also enhance the holistic vibe. Not only will visitors to this office feel better after treatment, the décor is sure to leave them inspired as well!

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