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Nest Learning Thermostat

By March 19, 2014 No Comments

Nest is able to “learn” your heating and cooling preferences based on trends it records


Get ready for the next big thing in home temperature control that you never knew you needed! “Nest” is a learning thermostat (created by the designers of the iPod) which you can control from anywhere via your smartphone.


More than just a fancy app, Nest is an all-in-one product (just add your own phone) that is able to “learn” your heating and cooling preferences based on trends it records in the first days and weeks that you use it. Nest can even build heating and cooling schedules for you, for maximum energy and money savings. It’s Auto-Away feature is super-efficient, and you can always turn the air back on while you’re away, simply by adjusting it via the app on your phone.


Nest is easy to install – no more complicated than installing your average thermostat, and if you already have one, its as easy as changing a lightbulb! Nest retails on its website for $249.


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