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Philips “Hue” Personalized Lighting

By March 19, 2014March 8th, 2021No Comments

Personalize your lighting based on a photo in your phone? Yep, Hue does that.

Meet Philips “Hue”! Hue is a fun new lighting system that allows you to control synced LED bulbs anywhere in your home with your smartphone. However, it goes way beyond just turning lights on and off.

Want your lights to come on at a certain time, like as you wake up, or when you get home from work? Hue does that.

Want to create mood lighting by setting certain bulbs at certain levels and saving them as a profile? Hue does that.

Want to relive a memory by choosing colors from a photo and setting bulbs to reflect that very ambience, color and everything?? Hue does that too.

Learn more about how to revolutionize your lighting at

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