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What Makes a Quality Contractor

By March 19, 2014December 6th, 2022No Comments

I just love this time of year! Yes, some people get a little stressed and the lines in the stores can be long, but for the most part, we become present to what we are thankful for…each other!

I’m personally thankful for all the blessings Mark and I have received this year, as well as for the growth of our company (to include new office space) and the incredible clients we’ve been fortunate enough to serve!

We thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for continuing to support us and everyone else in your life that matters to you.

Enjoy your holidays,

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“What Makes a Quality Contractor”: A Rant

I just can’t stand when homeowners are treated poorly by a contractor. Not only is it beyond painful for the family involved, it tarnishes the construction industry’s reputation as a whole. Worst part? It’s not necessary!

A realtor friend of mine referred a past client to us. He and his wife had lived in their home for 20+ years and decided to tackle their first renovation. The home already had an open floorplan, so they didn’t need to remove any walls or do any major reconfiguration; in other words, it was a straight-forward remodel.

About three-quarters of the way through the process, they realized their contractor was not as skilled as they thought he was. Once the homeowners started pointing things out, the contractor went out of communication and now nothing was getting done… (Read more)

house from street view

Exciting News from the Synergy Team!

Synergy D&C is growing by leaps and bounds! Not only did we celebrate our 4th anniversary in September (cue Happy Birthday song…), we have made new hires AND moved into a new office!

We are excited to introduce the newest member to the Synergy team: Matt Offerman, our Lead Carpenter. With Matt working on the jobsite, we will be that much better at exceeding our clients’ expectations with the high levels of quality work and customer service that we hold ourselves to.

Also, last month we moved into a newly remodeled office space, which will function as a fresh new environment for our team, as well as an area to meet with clients to discuss designs and material selections. We’re excited to have several cabinetry displays on the way, which, in addition to our sample library, will help us form preliminary design concepts on the fly.

Check out the press releases here!

christmas decorated fireplace area

A simple red and apple green color scheme and unique tree decor give a modern twist to holiday decorating.

Holiday Decorating: One Client’s Christmas Decor by Synergy D&C

After helping our Vienna clients with the interior selections and furnishings for every room of their new home, they asked for our help with creating a contemporary look with all-new Christmas decor as well! After reviewing ideas on Pinterest, visiting craft stores, and sharing items online with the clients, our designer was able to pull together some gorgeous items that coordinated beautifully with the home furnishings that had been chosen, and gave the new house just enough sparkle. Our design staff can truly help clients as much as they need it.

kitchen counter top up close

GEOS solid surfaces can be a beautiful environmentally-friendly addition to a kitchen

Product of the Month: GEOS Solid Surfaces

As stated on the website for EOS surfaces, the maker of GEOS sustainable glass surfaces, one of the most trying issues of residential and commercial green remodeling is the rarity of environmentally conscious products that are both earth-friendly and affordable. From there proceeds the genius of GEOS surfaces. Manufactured with the durable binders and the low labor cost of the original EOS product, GEOS is a non-porous, maintenance-free and seamless countertop product with the added benefit of including sustainable materials. The recycled glass particles that make GEOS sparkle come from recycling centers or factory by-products. Who knew that waste material could add such a unique and colorful quality to a home or business!

model house on blueprints

Been thinking about remodeling?

If a renovation is on your to-do list, you probably have a lot of questions and don’t know where to start. Why not let us help you get that project complete?

Get your free download of our Renovation Roadmap™ or visit us at and we’ll get you started on your way to a successful renovation.

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