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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodel Inspired By a Dollar?

By February 5, 2015December 2nd, 2022No Comments

Could you be inspired by a dollar? How about a sand dollar? My client sure was.

My favorite part of working with homeowners is creating spaces that are perfectly aligned with who they are. As a home remodeling company, most people think we just update people’s homes, but we do so much more than replace kitchen cabinetry and countertops. We create spaces that nurture and restore our clients every time they walk into their new space.

This became obvious when we recently visited our friend’s house (they started as clients 3 years ago, but have become so much more). They could not stop talking about how much they enjoy their new space! It’s hard to believe that a kitchen remodel can change your life, but it really does. At the very least, it brings you happiness every time you walk into your new room.

Now back to the sand dollar. We just finished a kitchen remodel and adjacent living area in a Reston townhome for our AWESOME clients, and as usual, we feel in love with them. What I enjoyed most about this renovation was the entire design had been inspired by a single piece of ceramic art our client had purchased years ago. A cute sand dollar on a sea foam green ceramic back that she absolutely adores!

We decided to make it the centerpiece behind the range and just ran with the beach theme throughout the space. When it came time to choose the pendant lights for the kitchen island, we found the perfect beach-influenced globes to match! We also found new counter-height stools in a cool blue, as well as, a new couch with blue accent pillows. The result is a fresh space that reminds them of the beach every time they walk into their kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel with Sand Dollar Inspiration

Kitchen Remodel beach style pendants


Kitchen Remodel Stools

The sand dollar wasn’t the only thing that mattered to our clients in their kitchen remodel. They have two prize beagles that are the loves of their life! These two cuties were very much a part of the process as we renovated the home and we fell in love with them along with the rest. So as we wrapped up their kitchen remodel, we knew we had to give them a little something special that would complete their space!

Time to Renovate Happy Client gift

As you can see, little touches like the sand dollar and beagle clock really personalize a space and tell a story for the client every time they walk in the door.

What special pieces inspire YOU in your home?

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