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Kitchen Remodeling

Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends 2015

By March 12, 2015December 2nd, 2022No Comments

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Ever noticed no matter how many people you have over, they ALL end up in your kitchen?

The kitchen will always be the heart of your home because it’s where you prepare food for your family.  All that love and nourishment creates an energy that draws people in – like a magnet.  It’s part of what makes your home your home, and when you’re aligned with your space, you feel balanced.

So although we’re talking about the latest aesthetic trends, what’s most important about your kitchen is making sure you’re in LOVE with it!  Madly, deeply, profoundly in love, embracing it as if it’s a part of your family.

You may not be in that place right now (that’s probably why you’re reading this article).  That’s okay; one of the biggest pitfalls we fall into is completely ignoring our space because we’re going to renovate it “one day.”  Problem is that the “one day”, turns into a year, then 3, and before you know it, 10 years have passed by and you’re still cussing at that blind-corner cabinet of yours every day.

The good news is you don’t have to be ready for a huge kitchen overhaul to start embracing your kitchen! Sometimes, it’s as simple as reorganizing the cabinets, using containers, baskets, and spice shelves to give it a fresh feel. There are also a lot of after market accessories you can add like pull out shelves and lid hangers to help contain the chaos and make you feel more balanced in your space.

If you’re ready for a little more than that, some of the trends below can still be incorporated (changing out the faucet and putting a new color on the walls) without doing a complete renovation.

Growing trends for 2015:




Grey is the new beige.

Instead of painting your walls beige yet again, consider putting grey on the walls for a fresh, crisp look.  There are plenty of shades of grey to choose from that have both cool and warm undertones, so it’s easy to find a hue that suits you.  As an added bonus, pull a little of that grey into your backsplash with a unique tile and/or metal accents.

Leesburg Kitchen by Synergy Design & Construction


Multiple cabinet colors are all the rage.

Whether you choose to have your base cabinets a different color from your wall cabinets, or set your island off with a different cabinet and/or countertop, the mixed, eclectic look is in.

Moen Motionsense

Touch less or hands-free faucets

They continue to rise in popularity, and with good reason.  As technology improves and more options become available, so does the desire to have these ingenious plumbing fixtures available in your home.  Moen has been leading the charge by adding their MotionSense® technology, which allows you to turn on the faucet 3 ways (waving the hand above, at the base, or with the handle manually).  Since they’ve added it to 12 of their most popular faucets, you should be able to find an option that suits your style from modern to transitional.


Kitchen drawer charging station

Kitchen drawer charging station2


Planning for Technology

Is the key to every kitchen remodel.  Most families have a slew of phones, tablets and laptops and all of it needs a discreet place to charge, so the kitchen doesn’t end up looking like an electronics store.  Placing hidden outlets and USB ports inside upper cabinetry or base cabinet drawers is an easy way to keep everything out of sight, yet close at hand.

Industrial lighting in kitchen


Industrial lighting

Continues to grow in popularity.  Even the most modern kitchens can pull off a unique, industrial light that adds interest.  Whether you choose a fixture with a textured metal, or a shade that is reminiscent of an old dock or speak easy, adding something unexpected makes the entire space shine.

Remember, no matter where you’re starting with your kitchen, keep in mind to do what you can with what you have and give it a little love!

So what do you love about your kitchen?

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