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A few of my favorite things for 2016

By February 2, 2016December 2nd, 20222 Comments

Top 2016 Remodeling Trends

I love sharing what’s resonating with not just our clients but homeowners in general. Enjoy this sneak peak at top remodeling trends for 2016:


Monochromatic Designs

Using a similar color palate in newly renovated rooms doesn’t have to be boring! In fact, creating cohesive and comforting spaces is easily done through changing up your materials and textures from room to room. From paint color, to window treatments, pillows and rugs, it’s simple to create a unified, yet visually interesting space without the need for bold, jarring accent pieces.


Remodeling trends monochromatic designs

See more photos of this renovation here


Multi-Room Renovations

Gone are the days of just remodeling a kitchen. Most homeowners are looking for an open concept, which means tackling more than one room at a time. The wall between the kitchen and dining room comes down and all of a sudden the floors need to refreshed or replaced, and that outdated fireplace that was not a priority just became front and center to the space. Coming up with a cohesive plan to make adjoining spaces beautiful is key to a successful multi-room renovation.


Remodeling trends to open space


Remodeling trends open space

See more photos of this renovation here


Mudroom Madness

Containing household chaos is key to keeping a home feeling fresh and inviting from the moment you walk in. Having a dedicated mudroom where backpacks can land, soccer equipment is stored, and muddy shoes have their place, is a must-have to every busy household. When planned right, this essential space can also double as the laundry room, craft area, or even a dog-washing zone!


Remodeling trends in laundry rooms


Shades of Gray

Although this trend isn’t new to 2016, gray hues continue to gain momentum and aren’t going anywhere soon. Clients are ridding themselves of the warm yellow tones from the beige era and are moving to the more contemporary, cooler tones of the gray family. Whether is a simple painted wall or gray kitchen cabinetry, it’s safe to say this trend will be around awhile.


Remodeling trends - gray scheme


Master Bath Oasis

It doesn’t take much to transform an outdated and small master bath into a space that soothes the soul. Using an adjacent closet or hallway space to expand the bathroom footprint is usually in order, and replacing an over-sized tub with a large glass shower can have an immediate and dramatic impact to the new space. Getting that spa feel is easier than one might think as well. An additional showerhead or hand-shower can be installed for minimal extra cost, and will make a big impact on the relaxation and functionality of the shower.


Remodeling trends for bathroom

See more photos of this renovation here


Remember, the most important thing you can do when renovating your home is put your heart into it. Although it’s fun to look at the latest design and remodeling trends, don’t be afraid to forge your own path.  If you’re not a fan of gray, don’t use it! Choose the colors and materials that resonate with you and your family and make you feel at home in your home.


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  • John says:

    I’m definitely a fan of the monochromatic theme in rooms. There’s something satisfying about having similar tones and colors running through a room to tie it all together. Also, I think it goes without mentioning that a bathroom renovation like the one at the bottom of this list will go a long way toward the owner’s relaxation. Thanks for sharing!

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