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Helpful Remodeling Tips

Preparing for a Remodel: 6 Critical Renovating Steps

By March 6, 2017March 21st, 20174 Comments

There are many stages in preparing for a home remodeling project. Once you are ready to start the process with your design build company, the real work begins! Never fear though – many a homeowner has tackled a whole-home renovation and emerged victorious. All you need is a detailed game plan and a thorough understanding of your design and the work progression, so keep the following tips in mind to make sure that you are adequately prepared.

  1. Set a Budget Before Meeting with a Design Build Company

This seemingly obvious item should drive home the importance of determining what you want to spend ahead of time. Good designers can design within any budget, but not settling on a range may lead to a lack of understanding or the need to reel in costs later. also recommends adding an extra 20% to your pre-stated budget to allow for “wiggle room” – in case unforeseen circumstances surface during construction.



  1. Go Over All the Details Before Work Starts
    Your general contractor should sit down with you and be transparent about the process, payment information and timeline of the work. When you and your contractor are on the same page, you will feel at ease, and the design team will be confident that they’re meeting your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions now and for updates throughout the process.

  1. Prepare an Alternate Space for Your Kitchen
    The logistics of having to reconstruct your main food-prep area will add an extra dimension of difficulty to a kitchen remodel. Make sure you think about where you can set up a temporary kitchen. You’ll need a place for a refrigerator and at least a microwave. Dining rooms and basements can be useful for this purpose. Consider utilizing paper plates and plastic forks to avoid washing dishes in the bathroom sink. If you plan ahead, there are many delicious meals you can create in a crock pot and on the grill!

  1. Store Your Belongings

First, you’ll need room for all the things you have to move out of the space. Valuables should be kept in a safe place in the house; items that are easily broken or sensitive to dust should also be kept as far from the construction zone as possible. If you have large furniture to move out, the garage or a storage unit may be the way to go. Second, you’ll need a place set aside to store new products as they come in, and for contractors to keep the materials they need. Try not to keep things outside as building materials can be easily ruined by moisture and cause costly delays in your project. If items must go in the garage, they should be elevated and covered. Having a designated entrance for contractors and a convenient place for them to keep their materials will prevent confusion as well as ease the stress of having strangers invade more of your home than necessary.


  1. Anticipate Dust
    You won’t be able to avoid it completely, so take precautions to keep it at a minimum. Plastic screens and runners on the floor will go a long way, but some fine dust will still travel.  Relocate items that are most sensitive, such as computers.  Vacuum or run a cleaning pad over the surfaces outside the construction zone daily to prevent a build-up of particles and preserve your health.  If you’re especially sensitive, ask your contractor if there are extra measures they can take for dust control.



  1. Keep Records
    …of everything. It’s helpful to everyone if you’re on top of things. Keep all contracts, purchase orders and copies of other documents from your contractor. Keep any receipts that you get with product orders; if you receive something wrong by mistake, this will be a necessity. Keep records of finishes, like paint, for later use. You may need them months or years down the road, or they may be useful for a future homeowner.

During any home remodeling project, there will be chaos and hiccups along the way, but when you and your general contractor work together, these can be minimized. With an experienced and professional design build company like Synergy Design and Construction, the process will be smooth and completely transparent. Let us help you get started on your home remodeling project – call (703) 766-6333 today.






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  • Bernard Clyde says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more that you should determine how much you are willing to spend on a home remodel before meeting with a contractor. It’s important that you have established parameters for your project. I also think it’s wise to communicate this budget of yours with your designer so that they can help you get the remodel you want that’s within your price range.

  • Derek Dewitt says:

    My wife and I are wanting to remodel our kitchen this year, so thanks for the tips on getting ready. I like your point about keeping a record and receipt of every product order. These might be good for tax write-offs and such, so we’ll be sure to hang onto these for budgeting reasons.

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