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Why Having Earth Elements in Your Home is Essential

By March 24, 2017April 25th, 2017No Comments

Earth elements, as defined by the practice of feng shui, are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The art of feng shui practiced in the home helps engender calm and order. So how can you bring earth elements into your interior design? Working with a good feng shui-based design build company is a great way to start.

Simple Ways to Incorporate Earth Elements

Incorporating earth elements in your home’s design and decor doesn’t mean that you need those actual elements throughout your home. Even a representation of those elements will suffice. Here are some common decorative items that represent the five elements.

  • Wood – Wood picture frames, plants, wood cabinetry, flooring, furniture and rugs
  • Fire – Fireplaces, stove, leather or wool upholstery, and candles
  • Earth – Flower pots, brick, tile flooring and backsplashes, baskets and pottery
  • Metal – Natural stone, metal railings, metal chair legs and table bases, and metal artwork
  • Water – An actual water source, decorative fountain, glass or a mirror


Planning Ahead

If you’re getting ready to undergo a kitchen remodel, for example, talk to your design build company before you select different elements of your kitchen. Discuss the balance, harmony and calm you’d like to evoke. A good interior designer will be able to guide you in incorporating the five elements in a cohesive manner.

As you remodel other areas of your home, talk about some of the decorative items you plan on keeping and ask for suggestions for new décor. With their knowledge and experience, designers can work the essential personal items into your redesigned space without adding clutter.

Earth elements and feng shui may not be at the top of your reasons for a home, bathroom or kitchen remodel, but they are something to consider during the process. Think about places you love being: do they have all five elements? Chances are good they do. When you work with a design build company, you’re not just working with a contractor that knows how to build out a new space, you’re working with a company that helps you finish the space. Synergy Design and Construction will create a space that feels great to live or work in because it includes essential earth elements. Contact us today to discuss your remodeling project.

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