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How to Choose the Best Kitchen Renovation Company in Northern Virginia

By February 23, 2018December 2nd, 20225 Comments

It’s time to give your kitchen a little love, to swap your oak cabinets for cherry, upgrade your appliances, add a gorgeous and functional island…in other words, to finally build your dream kitchen. You’re eager to begin your project, but one intimidating task stands in your way: choosing the right  company or contractor to work with.

Finding the best kitchen renovation company can make or break the entire renovation experience. Home remodels can go off the rails because a homeowner chooses a contractor that isn’t quite the right fit. They may end up with a contractor who communicates poorly, has taken on more than they can handle and cannot complete the entire project scope, or tries to sneak in additional hidden charges late into the renovation process.

1. Research!

Finding the right company to partner with requires a lot of research and preparation, but narrowing the list down to one perfect match doesn’t need to be overwhelming when you know what to look for. Here are our tips for finding the perfect kitchen renovation company in Northern Virginia. Research isn’t only done online! Reach out to friends who have completed a remodel recently and ask about their experience. You can also ask them about their search process and what worked/didn’t work with the company they chose.

2. Trust Your Gut Feeling

Conducting thorough research is an absolutely necessary first step in choosing a contractor, but you should also listen to your gut. A contractor may look great on paper (or on a computer screen) but prove to be the wrong fit when you meet with them in person. Choose a contractor who is easy to talk to, is responsive to your requests and follows up and – most importantly – wants to partner with you to bring your renovation to life. Simply put: you don’t feel like just another client and it “feels right”. Follow your gut to help you choose the best kitchen renovation company for your project.

3. Does the Contractor Communicate Openly?

A beautiful kitchen remodel doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Choose a contractor or company who communicates openly and often. Ask up front how they will communicate with you during the process. An off-handed “we’ll be in your home every day” doesn’t cut it. They should be able to define specific processes and structures, such as a weekly status meeting or use of online project management tools. During the remodel, they should ensure they keep you in the loop every step of the way and address any complications as soon as they occur. The last thing you want is to be left guessing in the middle of a construction zone once your kitchen is torn apart. When choosing your kitchen renovation company, make sure they make have a defined communication process in place.

4. Can the Contractor Complete Your Entire Project?

Before signing a contract and allowing them to take a sledgehammer to your walls, make sure you understand what projects the company or contractor typically takes on. Ask potential companies what the usual size of their projects is, how many projects they take on at one time and how they will ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. This will help you understand if they have prior experience in a project your size and help you avoid frustrating delays and additional costs down the line that weren’t anticipated.

Depending on the scope of your project and your needs, you will need to understand if they are they a full service design-build firm. Full service design build firms handle every part of your kitchen renovation, from designing the kitchen layout  and all your selections choices (from cabinetry, hardware, countertop, appliances and everything in between) in addition to project managing your remodel. General contractors, on the other hand, typically focus on medium sized projects and design decisions rest with you. Download our free “Ways to Renovate” contractor guide which outlines the pros and cons for each approach to help you decide.  

Live Better, Feel Better with Synergy Design & Construction

Think we might be a good fit for your next remodeling project? At Synergy Design & Construction, we offer comprehensive home renovation services, including design, build and Interior Alignment™. We are here to help you transform your kitchen and home into a truly special space. We have a passion for helping our clients Live Better, Feel Better with each renovation, and we work tirelessly to achieve your renovation goals.

We understand there are many options when looking for a kitchen renovation company in Northern Virginia. When looking for the best, trust Synergy for a stress-free and fun renovation experience. Contact us today to get started!


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  • Duncan Lance says:

    It really can help to take the article’s advice and make sure you choose a contractor that is open with their communication. After all, when someone is remodeling your kitchen you’ll want them to update you regularly. Of course, you will also need to be able to communicate openly with them in order to answer any questions they might have about your home or needs.

    • Mina Fies says:

      Thanks for the comment, Duncan! At Synergy, we are firm believers in partnership with our clients and that starts with great communication.

  • Lare Smith says:

    Renovation process can be very tiresome if you are not having proper knowledge. If you want to renovate your kitchen according to your desire, then you should hire a professional and experienced company for the work. The reason is you will have expert workers to carry out the various jobs. Take help of the internet in searching the right company in your area. The tips shared are good, Keep it up!

  • I really appreciate the advice you gave on making sure that a prospective remodeling contractor is able to take on the job that you need to be done. My wife and I recently moved into a new home and we want to replace the carpets with hardwood floor and install new appliances. We would feel more comfortable hiring a contractor who has a lot of experience working with full home renovations.

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