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Creating the Perfect Home for Entertaining

By March 7, 2018June 25th, 2020No Comments

Spring and summer are the seasons of celebrations! With Saint Patrick’s Day just around the corner, Easter in April, school graduations in May and June, summer kicking off on Memorial Day and Independence Day in July, you have a lot of upcoming opportunities to host the best home party on the block.

If you love being a host or hostess, you know the importance of preparing your home to not only accommodate but also impress your guests. If you’re thinking of a home renovation in Reston, here are our interior design and renovation tips for creating the perfect entertaining space:

Consider the Logistics

Before decorating your home and sending out invitations, do some planning. How many guests are you planning to invite? Can your invitees bring guests of their own? Sure, an estimated headcount will give you an idea of how much food to buy but, most importantly, it will help you understand how to best prepare your home.

Where in your home do you plan to host your party? Will the main gathering and entertaining space be your living room, your basement or your kitchen? What about secondary rooms for spillover traffic? This will largely depend on the estimated size of your guest list, but your home’s current design is also a crucial factor.

We can’t explain it either, but despite our best efforts in planning, most parties seem to end up in the kitchen! Making significant changes and remodeling your kitchen may not be possible to do in time for an upcoming party, but use this season to really understand what works for you and what you’d like to change if you were to remodel your space. Dreaming of a makeover for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Start the conversation now to ensure you have realistic expectations about how quickly a remodel can be completed. We’ve all seen the TV shows which promise a brand new kitchen in six weeks from start to finish, but the reality is the design and construction process can take much longer and the last thing you want to do is start swinging a hammer without a proper plan in place.

Create an Open Space

During a party, guests typically do not stay in one place. They will likely move around your home to socialize, eat and some will make themselves at home and take their own tour. Your main entertaining space should be large and open to encourage socializing and accommodate a large number of people. To prepare for your party, move any furniture that may get in the way. Add extra seating if necessary, but ensure it doesn’t obstruct the flow of the party space. Make sure the rooms you use work well together and are easily accessible. You may set up food and drinks in the kitchen, have your guests chat in your living room, and send guests to the basement for games and activities.

If not all of your intended entertainment space has an open floor plan, keep any necessary doors open so guests know where to gather. Mark off any areas of your home you do not wish guests to enter with a cute sign. Open floor plans are still on-trend and in high demand, so if you’re thinking of remodeling, ask your contractor for suggestions and advice on opening up your space. As home renovation in Reston experts, our job is to partner with you in creating the perfect floor plan that opens up a space and creates the perfect flow for entertaining.  

Credit: Swarovski


No party or gathering is complete without decorations. Your entertaining space should be attractive and inviting to create the perfect party atmosphere. Hang paintings throughout the room that not only add style but serve as great conversation pieces. Artwork doesn’t have to break the bank to look good. Take the time to finally frame those photos you took on your European trip of a lifetime.  Re-paint the space with a vibrant new shade. Need some inspiration? Switch it up with on-trend color!  Add a glistening chandelier to really draw the eye. We love some of the options available now that provide a modern twist to more traditional chandeliers. If you’re ready to splurge, Swarovski’s Quantum lighting is beautiful and timeless. For something a little more budget conscious, there are plenty of options available that give the same look and feel but for less, such as the Gracelyn Crystal Chandelier.

Of course, the popular place to host parties is in several shared spaces on a home’s main level. Check out our post “Love Walking Into Your Home – Tips for Making Your First Floor More Inviting” for more suggestions on decorating your first floor.

Add a Home Bar

If most of your guests are adults, cocktails, wine and beer are a likely necessity for your party. “The bar” often conjures up images of a 1970s formica top with paneling, but that is no longer the case! Many new builds and remodels are incorporating a butler’s pantry in their design or reconfiguring little-used drop zones in the kitchen as a stylish bar with integrated wine fridge. For kids, those who don’t drink or designated drivers, you can also serve non-alcoholic drinks at the bar. Having someone bartend at each party is a nice touch, or allow your guests to mix and pour their own drinks. Your guests are likely to gravitate and gather around the bar, so make sure you install your bar in a location with plenty of surrounding space to prevent your entertaining space from getting too crowded and obstructing foot traffic flow.

Create the Perfect Entertaining Space with Synergy!

At Synergy Design & Construction, we’re passionate about creating gorgeous, inviting homes. As a Reston VA home remodeling company, trust us to transform your current entertaining areas into exciting and engaging spaces that will wow guests at any party.

Contact us today to begin your project!

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