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Renovation Projects to Energize and Bring a Breath of Fresh Air Into Your Home

By April 3, 2018September 9th, 2021No Comments
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After weathering a few unexpected snowfalls and cold snaps, we think it’s safe to say it’s starting to feel like spring! Springtime brings the promise of new beginnings and renewal – for the plants outside and for the energy in our homes. What better way to embrace an “out with the old, in with the new” attitude than by completing that home remodel you dreamed of during the dreary winter months?

Our Favorite Ways to Energize and Refresh your Home

1. Open Up Your Main Level and Improve Family Time

Your home should give off positive, relaxing energy from the moment you step inside. Closed off spaces prevent energy from flowing through your home. Taking down non-load-bearing walls to break down the barrier between your kitchen and living room can transform this feeling both physically and energetically. Open space also has the advantage of making it easier for your family and friends to gather and share great food and conversation. For more main level renovation tips, check out our post “Love Walking Into Your Home – Tips for Making Your First Floor More Inviting.

2. Interior Design and Interior Alignment that Helps You

Your home’s interior design can be a big contributor to your energy level and happiness. The design should help you feel replenished and relaxed every day while meeting your functional and aesthetic needs. Synergy Design and Construction’s Interior Alignment™ services use Feng Shui and space clearing principles to ensure your home promotes positive energy. If something feels off about your interior design, we use these practices to help you better understand how your surroundings influence your daily life. We can provide suggestions and tools to empower you without strict guidelines and rules – and have fun along the way.

3. Try a New Paint Color for Renewed Energy

It’s amazing what repainting a room (or a few) can do! Paint color pulls your entire room’s look together, but it also plays a large role in how you and your family feel every day. If you no longer feel excited when looking at your walls, it may be time to break out the paint brushes. Think carefully about which paint colors to use. For more energized, intimate rooms, try a warm color like red, orange or yellow. To create a soothing, spacious atmosphere, use a cool color like green, purple or blue in just one room or co-ordinate rooms to complement one another during your whole home remodel. 

4. Basements don’t have to feel like…well, basements!

The basement easily becomes the dumping ground for old furniture, kids toys and sports equipment and has a reputation for being the most dreary space in the house. The beauty of a basement is in its renovation potential, but this potential often goes unrecognized in many homes. Your basement could be a recreation room, bedroom, home gym, laundry room, family room – or any combination of these. One of our clients considers her basement laundry room her zen zone with white cabinetry, clean lines and lots of storage behind sleek over-sized doors. This spring, show your basement some love, clean it out, start thinking of it as more than storage space, and begin a basement renovation. For more basement renovation ideas, read “How to Maximize Your Basement Space.”

Live Better, Feel Better This Spring With Synergy!

Trust us to help you bring a breath of fresh air into your home with a kitchen, bathroom, basement or whole home remodel in Reston! With our Design, Build and Interior Alignment services, we love helping our clients create “home”.

Refresh your home this spring. We are always happy to help and have a conversation!

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