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How to Renovate Happy

Are You Relocating This Summer? Don’t Put Your Home Remodel on Hold!

You’re relocating to Northern Virginia for the first time or moving back to the area after an extended period away. You’ve found your new home in the perfect location, but the kitchen needs to be remodeled, the basement leaves a lot to be desired, or your master bath is underwhelming. You’ll get to it after you move in….or so you think. Remodeling before you move in means you hit the ground running in your new ‘hood. Instead of living in a hotel or shuffling boxes around a construction zone, you can focus on all the other tasks a relocation requires.

For many families, moving season is upon us now. For others, relocation can happen at any time throughout the year. Whatever your situation, you don’t have to wait to move in to your new place before considering a remodel. At Synergy Design & Construction, we’ve worked with many out-of-town homeowners. Distance shouldn’t delay your home remodeling project getting started (or completely finished) before you move in.

We work with relocating and out of town clients to bring their perfect homes to life – without them even being present! We’ve partnered with homeowners  in nearby states like Maryland and New Jersey as well as international clients relocating from Europe and beyond. Here’s how we keep your project running smoothly:

Online Tools & Video Conferencing to Maintain Open Communication

Frequent communication is the key to any successful renovation, and working with clients who are not co-located in this area is no exception. Using online tools and video conferencing, we keep you in the loop at every step of the way and you can see our progress in real time. Through these regular updates, you can watch from afar as your home is transformed.

Worried about making materials selections long-distance? We’ve got you covered. We can video conference with you from  inside showrooms to help you choose cabinets, tiles, paint and other materials for your project! Whether it’s via phone call, video conference or sending samples via carrier pigeon, you’ll feel like you’re physically with us as we’re remodeling your new home.

Customized Approach to fit your Project

Our service comprises a customized approach to meet your individual needs and renovation goals. With our Renovation Roadmap™ methodology, we have a proven process that allows a successful remodel from conception to completion no matter where you are currently living. We work within your desired budget and timeline to ensure we deliver the same high-quality end results as we do for all of our clients.

Safety, Security and Care for your Family

It’s your home, it’s important. Our trusted team of in-house experts exhibits the utmost respect and care for your home during the renovation. We conduct a daily clean up and lock the doors behind us. If something comes up or we have any questions regarding your home, we always get in touch with you before proceeding. At the end of the renovation, we hand you back your keys so you can open the door to your gorgeous, spotless, transformed home.

Begin Your Home Remodel Today!

Relocating doesn’t mean you have to wait to create ‘home’. When you choose Synergy Design & Construction, we can begin or complete your home remodeling project while you are away. Distance doesn’t prevent us from delivering the same great quality and customized approach we do with every renovation.

Are you ready to live in a home you love? We are always happy to have a conversation on how we can help you Renovate Happy!

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