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5 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space ‘Wow’ this Summer!

By June 19, 2018March 3rd, 2020No Comments

Without a doubt, Summer is here! While some of us are still wondering what exactly happened to Spring, families everywhere are heading outdoors before the sticky, mosquito-laden days of August arrive. Barbeques, pool parties and firepits are in full swing and you deserve to get in on the action. Hosting a fun summer event can brighten spirits by bringing friends and family closer together. It’s time to think about how to make your outdoor space look great, so that everyone in it feels relaxed and comfortable – but with some added style!

At Synergy Design & Construction, our specialty is home renovations in Herndon and the Greater Reston area, and we understand that in the summer most of us are focused on spending time outside rather than improving our home’s interior. However, a home remodel takes time so use the summer as an opportunity to start planning your home renovation project for Fall or Winter. We’re always happy to have a conversation to understand your renovation goals and can help with the entire process – from design all the way through to construction. Meantime, here are some helpful tips on “quick hit” ways to upgrade your outdoor space, so you can get the most out of it this summer:

1. Upgrade Your Patio

Many homes already have an outdoor patio, but if your home doesn’t or your existing space just isn’t up to par,  this is a great way to create dedicated outdoor space that can be enjoyed for years to come. Patios are a hugely popular way to give your yard a feeling of togetherness.  With a well-placed table, umbrella for shade and maybe even an outdoor sofa or loveseat, you can add balance, functionality AND visual appeal to your yard. Small additions like these make your house the neighborhood hangout destination as well as helping make your home’s outdoor space more enjoyable for everyone.

2. And…Relax

Laying in a hammock on a nice summer day is the pinnacle of relaxation. Bring a book with you and you might as well be in paradise. Not only that, a hammock can balance the tone of your yard, giving it a tranquil, welcoming vibe. Need something more kid friendly? A tree swing is a great DIY project to take on – involve the kids so they learn a new skill while keeping them busy and active for hours at the same time! One increasingly popular addition to a yard that can be easily put away when storms come (or at the end of the season) are hanging tree pods. Check out some cool “spacious hanging retreats” at The nice thing about products like these is the companies making them also believe in environmental stewardship. TreePod, for example, has partnered with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every TreePod purchased. Encouraging time outdoors and giving back to the environment? Count us in!

3. Create the Perfect Mood with Lighting

Why should the fun stop just because the sun went down? Fairy lights aren’t just for the Holidays, they create the perfect ambience for summer evenings. Dining Delight shows us how it’s done – to perfection! Put lights on an outdoor timer, so you don’t even have to worry about switching them on for an impromptu gathering. There are also all sorts of new-and-improved lanterns on the market. What we love about these lanterns is many of them now come with candles with in-built timers – switch it on for the first time at 7pm, and it will come on again every evening at the same time. Solar options are now much improved and longer-lasting. We like this reasonably priced ceramic cut-out option – it can be picked up at any Michaels store for under $20. Try playing with the brightness and color to achieve the best lighting and match whatever mood you’re looking for. When it comes to floodlights, they are important for security at night, but turn them off for outdoor parties to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

4. Decorations and Accents

Art enhances the human experience. Even inserting the smallest splashes of creativity in your outdoor space can make a positive impact on your energy, productivity and inspiration each day. One of the things we love about being a home renovation company in Reston is the long tradition of artists and artisans in our area. The Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival is one our favorite events and there are always lots of outdoor sculptures up for grabs. If you are looking for a splash of color, a work of art AND something that is critter friendly, check out some of the options at Fly Home Birdhouses. These long-lasting birdhouses are a joy to behold. Not interested in ornithology? Adding a small water fountain can enhance your outdoor space, mask any road traffic noise and make for excellent conversation pieces.

5. Outdoor Furniture

Furniture is a personal choice, but the reality is our East Coast winters are harsh and not all outdoor furniture can stand up to the non-Californian temperatures! Wicker may be making a comeback in interior design, but it’s not always a good call for outdoor spaces unless you have the space to store it indoors over the winter months. If you like the look of wood but not the maintenance it requires, Crate and Barrel’s Alfresco collection fools the eye with the look of real wood but also fools the elements with UV- and fade-resistant materials. Add a few pops of color with outdoor pillows and accents to set the tone and add personality to the space.

Barbecue season is here, so don’t let the limitations of your current outdoor space keep you cooped up inside this summer. Applying a few of these decorating tips to your backyard will make it much more inviting and provide a perfect opportunity to grab a cool, iced drink and think about your interior remodel!

Choose Synergy for Your Home Renovation in Herndon, VA

Before you know it, summer will be over, and we’ll be heading indoors again. Take advantage of the summer weather and your newly updated outdoor space and use it as an opportunity to begin planning that kitchen, bathroom or other major home renovation you’ve always wanted. When you are ready, we’ll be here to talk! Call us at (703) 766-6333 and tell us about your project, or contact us online. For home design enthusiasts in Northern Virginia, Synergy offers the knowledge and assistance you need to create your dream home, from start to finish.

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