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Basement Collecting Dust? Turn it into a Mancave!

By June 29, 2018July 10th, 2018No Comments

With all of our time being spent outside under the sun, it can be easy to forget about the upcoming fall season, but before you know it the weather will be cooling down. When September comes around and you and your family start to head indoors, why not give yourself something to be excited about?

While the word might sound cliché, a Mancave is the perfect hotspot for those who love hanging out, watching sports and popping open a few beers.
To ensure you make the most out of your space, Synergy Design & Construction is here to help with your complete basement renovation in Herndon and surrounding areas. Not sure exactly what you want out of a Mancave? Here are 4 things you can give to your space to make it an excellent get-away after a long day of work:

Cheer on your team with added entertainment space

A larger-than-life screen can do wonders to enhance your viewing or video-gaming experience. You might have thought about it during the Caps run for the Stanley, so get it into your plan for your next big game. Thoughtfully arranging bulkheads and bring in ample light will enhance your ability to see every twist and turn in awe-striking detail. gives you something to get even more amped about when cheering on the team you love.

Basement remodel with theater and media room in Ashburn, VA

It’s a theater not just a basement

If you’re looking for a great way to impress guests but want a fresh aesthetic, open up your basement walls to create a modern entertainment area. Buying a projector and either adding a simple white wall or drop-down screen, you can see the action fill up your entire room. Install in-home theater seating to complete the space and create the ultimate entertainment center.

Basement remodel with bar area and living room in Ashburn, VA

Bring upstairs feel to your basement bar

Great drinks and tasty snacks are a fantastic go-to recipe for bringing friends together. When the whole gang is jazzed about nachos, curly fries, or any other delicious treat, the stress of the workday melts away, so you can live in the moment and enjoy the company around you. Renovating your basement to incorporate a full bar and an interesting ceiling design can give the space a more open, “upstairs” feel.

Decorate don’t hide your basement

Not only do decorations look cool, they make excellent conversation starters. Incorporating interesting lighting and accent elements such as a floating glass fireplace boost the aesthetic of your perfect hang-out spot, and give guests something to talk about and connect over.

Synergy Can Help Turn Your Herndon Basement into the Perfect Mancave

With the warm weather, vacations and time spent outside, the summer is the most convenient time to begin the renovation you’ve always wanted. Basement Renovations in Herndon are a specialty we are proud to offer, and we can’t wait to help transform yours – and get invited over.

Don’t let the summer pass you by; take this opportunity to enhance your basement in the best way possible. Call us today at (703) 766-6333 or contact us online. We will be happy to talk with you.

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