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Synergy Celebrates 10 Years! Here’s a Look at the Past, Present and Future of Kitchen Design Trends

By July 11, 2018December 6th, 2022No Comments

Scientists have spent a lot of time looking at how our minds perceive time. There’s no consensus from the scientific community on how or where our brains note time, but these last 10 years have felt like a blip to many of us. The best explanation may come from the great philosopher, Doctor Who, who said, “ A big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff”.

In celebration of TEN YEARS of home remodeling in Northern Virginia, our team is having some fun and looking at trends, favorite projects and our ever-changing hairstyles. Over the last decade, we’ve happily worked with clients every step of the way to transform their homes (from kitchens to bathrooms to basements and everything in between), into beautiful,  functional spaces of their dreams. So join us in our design Tardis to see how popular styles have evolved over the last ten years.


In the past, it was popular to opt for browns or otherwise dark-colored wood cabinet colors in the kitchen to create a formal, elegant atmosphere. The next trend for white kitchens was one that lasted – white and light cabinetry is still one of the most popular (and stylish) choices for homeowners. Latest trends, however, show a shift in a new direction. It started at first with adding a splash of color by adding a different colored island but retaining white perimeter cabinets. Two toned kitchens with darker lower cabinets and white toned upper cabinets is also a trend that gained momentum in recent years. Now, we are seeing a shift to colored cabinets including blue, yellow and even orange!  It may take some time for us Northern Virginians to fully embrace the new color trends, but more important than trends is a well-designed kitchen that reflects your personal aesthetic and meets your functional needs.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends - ColorCountertops

Quartz countertops are a big kitchen design trend of 2018. This material is strong and protects against scratches and burns while looking gorgeous. Plus, quartz requires less maintenance than traditional granite countertops. In terms of color, homeowners are moving more and more toward neutral-colored countertops. White, beige, grey and taupe are becoming the go-to countertop shades so that other areas in the kitchen can enjoy a customized “pop” without too many distractions.  This minimalistic style contrasts significantly with trends from the early 2000’s, when homeowners preferred to go with dark granite. Don’t be fooled – while you might think light colors may stain more easily, we speak from experience they can easily stand up to the test of red wine and small children. In what may come as a surprise, dark countertops are actually more prone to showing up watermarks than light colored ones do. As far as design aesthetic, waterfall countertops on islands are one of THE most popular requests we now receive. Don’t mind adding to your budget to get the look? Then we say go for it as this is a design choice that will be around for a while.

Kitchen Countertop Trend - NeutralsFlooring

While hardwood has been the leading contender for flooring choice for a LONG time, advances in technology and production techniques means there are now a whole new host of flooring options available so hardwood doesn’t have to be the go-to choice.  From tile, concrete, cork, bamboo, vinyl and – believe it or not – linoleum, don’t assume hardwood is the only way to go. What we love about some of the newer options is many of them are more environmentally friendly than hardwood. These new gorgeous alternatives are kinder to the planet without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. New woods such as bamboo and lyptus are becoming increasingly popular due to their fast regrowth rate. With increasing lumber tariffs, you may find alternative flooring options are a little kinder to your wallet, too.

Kitchen Trend - More Flooring ChoicesStorage

Inefficient shelving and cabinetry can frustrate any of us with how much space ends up wasted. Let’s see a show of hands of those who didn’t even know that exotic spice was stuck at the back of the cabinet – and it expired in 2012. Over the last decade, we’ve seen some pretty inventive stuff going on with our cabinetry partners (and in the industry as a whole) with better storage solutions using innovative design techniques that maximize storage with lots of neat-but-functional features including conveniently-placed pull-out spice cabinets, roll-out trays and kidney-bean-shaped swing shelves that allow easy access to every corner space to name a few.  

The trend for open shelving is still popular – but with limited use to create a design detail rather than extensive use. Open shelves are not for the faint of heart – to maximise their appeal, be prepared to spend time staging them to look good!

Kitchen Trend - StorageGet the Latest Trends Kitchen Remodeling Trends in Northern Virginia with Synergy by Your Side

We’ll continue our time-traveling in coming months and take a peek at other changes over the years in bathroom and basement remodels in Reston and beyond!  They say the more things change the more they stay the same, which is a challenge relished by us as kitchen design and remodeling experts in Northern Virginia. Ultimately, our goal is to create spaces you love that stand the test of time – no matter what the trends!

For the past ten years, we’ve been helping clients renovate happy in Northern Virginia. We’re always happy to chat about your remodeling needs. Call us today at 703-766-6333, or send us an email. Here’s to the next 10!

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