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The Synergy Team Calls the 2019 Design Trends!

By December 21, 2018December 2nd, 2022No Comments

Is Mosaic tile in or out? Will brass take over from satin nickel as the #1 fixture choice for 2019? Will we all be saying hardwood was ‘so 2018’? Our Design Team looks into the future and makes their call for the design trends we’ll be seeing more of in 2019 home remodels!

Emily Bickl, Interior Designer

Don’t forget your ceiling!

Emily has a few “you heard it here first” items on her 2019 design trend list! First up, glossy ceilings! Glossy ceilings reflect light back into the room and add a fun element to any space. You don’t have to play it safe and go with white either – don’t be distracted by the gorgeous Kitchen remodel in the photo – look at that fabulous blue glossy ceiling and how it catches the light and reflects all the beautiful finishes!

Geometric & Uniquely Shaped Backsplash Tile

Backsplashes have become a design feature in their own right in the last few years. The tile now available is textured and beautiful and can make a statement in any Kitchen remodel. Emily’s next “called it” design trend for 2019 is geometric and unique shaped backsplash tile, specifically hexagon and other shaped polygons. You don’t necessarily have to go “flashy” with these tiles in your next Kitchen remodel, simple white or natural marble provide an equally stunning look. We think 2019 will see these tile shapes overtake the ubiquitous subway tile in many remodels. The great thing about beautiful tile is versatility – in addition to durability and use in Kitchens, they can make any Bathroom or Basement remodel really stand out.


Photo Credit: Tilebar

Sunken Living Rooms

Emily called this one a while back in our Remodeling Predictions for the Next 10 Years. She clearly knows what she’s talking about as we’ve been hearing a lot more buzz about sunken living rooms in the design industry in recent months. We know there are lots of mid-century modern homes with this type of design right here in Reston, so if you are ready to remodel but not sure what to do about your sunken living room, maybe the answer is right in front of you….embrace it!

Camille DeLew, Interior Designer

Statement Fireplaces

Camille knows a thing or two about gorgeous fireplaces as seen in one of our recently completed home remodels in Reston! Fireplaces are becoming a form of art in many homes, and it’s a trend we think we’ll see more of in 2019.  They have the ability to stand alone and make a statement in any room with or without the distraction of TVs or artwork.

Matte Black

Our entire team is on board with this one: pops of black. This color choice isn’t just reserved for front doors any more – it can be tastefully used on interior doors and window trim as well as add an interesting design element to any room.  Black in a home remodel shouldn’t be overdone: to keep the room from feeling too dark, be strategic and keep it simple when it comes to using it. We love these great examples from Studio McGee on how to use black in your next home remodel.


Photo Credit: Studio McGee

By Omar Man, Designer

Omar has his sights on an ultra-modern twist to a kitchen remodel! He’s a big believer in no backsplash at all or go “all in”!  His crystal ball prediction is we’ll see less of the “4 inch” backsplash with homeowners opting for form over function in coming years.

However, if budget is an issue, a smaller backsplash will save you money on your renovation and with an Interior Designer’s talent, a smaller backsplash can still provide a beautiful look.

Our recently completed Kitchen remodel in Reston is a great example of how to do a backsplash that makes a statement!Kitchen-Remodel-RestonBeyond trends and beautiful cabinetry, however, is the fundamental happiness we get from creating a space where our clients can relax, enjoy family time together or throw great New Year’s Eve parties! So if home remodel is on your 2019 wishlist, we’re always happy to chat about how we can help you!

Learn more about our talented Design Team! When you are ready to work with one of the best remodelers in the area, get in touch!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2019!

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