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Home Remodeling and Car Buying: More in Common Than You Think!

By February 8, 2019No Comments

It sounds ridiculous, right? Maybe not! If you’ve ever undertaken any type of home remodel, you’ll know it’s hard to navigate the many ways to do it. From not knowing what type of remodeler you need for your project to not having any sense of cost, it can often be headache just doing the research. Whether you’re looking for a Kitchen remodeler in Reston, a Basement remodeler in Ashburn, a whole home remodeler in Oakton (or anywhere in between), we’re here to explain!

The analogy may sound like a strange one, but thinking about your home remodel in the same way as you think about buying a new car might just help you get a sense of what it’s all about. Here’s why:

Deciding Where to Buy

Finding the right home remodeler is like deciding where to buy your car. Just as you probably wouldn’t buy a car sight unseen from Craigslist, picking a contractor that way mightn’t be your best move either. Look for examples of their work on their website, read (or even better, watch) testimonials from previous clients and know what questions to ask the contractors you meet with. Looking for a home remodeler in Reston? Read more in Best Remodelers in Reston and How to Find Them.

How Much Will It Cost?

We’re often asked for free estimates. Asking a contractor to provide a free estimate is like saying to a car dealer, “How much is a car?”. The make, model, engine size, alloy wheels, sun roof, GPS, leather seats, heated steering wheel and that third row you really need to ferry the kids around all increase the price. The same thing applies to home remodeling. Providing a free estimate for a simple pull and replace Powder Room remodel or to paint your Main Level is one thing, but totally different for a full Kitchen or other home remodel. A number of things impact the cost of your remodel from changing the footprint (which usually requires plumbing, electrical and/or mechanical changes), to the cabinetry line you want to the level of finishes you like. These all impact the total cost of your home remodel. Now you’ve decided you want that waterfall island and expand the cabinetry into the den, you’ve just also added the cost of replacing or matching the flooring! Read more in Square Foot Pricing for a Home Remodel: What Every Homeowner Should Know.

Buyer Beware: Additional Charges Up Ahead

Just want a price and don’t like to haggle? There’s one very well-known car dealership who pride themselves on the “the price you see is the price you pay”. We believe in that, too. At Synergy, we’d rather be open and honest with you from the start and set realistic budgets and come to agreement on costs before construction begins and not continuously change order you once we get into the process with the old, “wasn’t expecting that” move.  It isn’t possible to 100% guarantee no surprises along the way, but it is possible to do due diligence up front to eliminate unexpected site conditions. Just as you wouldn’t expect your car to be delivered for the price you paid with only 3 wheels, you shouldn’t have to worry about paying extra once your contractor has demolished your Kitchen to be told they only budgeted for half the cost of the tile you wanted.

What if There’s a Problem After I Buy?

Now you’ve bought your new car and you’re out and about feeling pretty pleased with yourself when it breaks down. Is it covered under warranty? Ask your remodeler the same thing before you start down the path of a home remodel. Any reputable firm will have a warranty in place and will partner with you after the dust has settled if something should go wrong after the work is completed.

Ready to start your home remodeling journey? We created the Renovation Roadmap™ as a guide to a help you navigate the remodeling process. As a remodeling company in Reston who provides a full service design/build experience, we believe every homeowner deserves to renovate happy!

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