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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: How Kitchen Remodeling Helped Make a Wedding Special!

The wedding of Lisa Lockerby and Andrew Workman at Murray Hill in Leesburg, Virginia.

Part of our commitment to a great home remodeling experience is reflected in our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle materials whenever we can. If the Kitchen cabinets or appliances we remove during the demolition phase of a home remodel are in good shape and/or working order, we donate them to ReStore, give them to other local non-profits or directly to families within our community who need them.

On this occasion, however, one of our team came up with a great way to reuse old windows and cabinetry doors from two of our Kitchen remodels in Reston. Planning for her wedding last Fall, our Director of Production, Lisa, found a wonderful way to give these items a new lease of life.

The final result? A stunning addition to her beautiful wedding! Lisa used windows from one Kitchen remodel to create table plans and cabinetry doors from another home remodel as a welcome sign and menu. The pieces fit perfectly into the theme of her wedding.

Old Windows Transformed into a sophisticated seating plan

Wedding Photo Credit: Lindsay King Photography

Old cabinet doors transformed into beautiful welcome & menu signs

Wedding Photo Credit: Lindsay King Photography

You can see the windows used for the seating plan in this Reston Kitchen Remodel and the cabinetry doors from this Reston Lakefront home remodel and how we transformed these spaces.

Congratulations again, Lisa and Andrew!

You don’t get to be one of the best remodelers in Reston without having a creative team! Learn more about our talented team and read more about Why Us!

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