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Condo Remodeling

Condo Remodeling in Reston: What You Should Know

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You might be under the impression condo remodeling can be approached in the same way as any home remodel. Not so! As with many things in life, condo remodeling brings it’s own unique challenges and requirements. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you navigate the road to a successful condo renovation project!

Rules & Regulations

Remember that Condo Association (COA) binder you received when you bought your place? Dust it off, because it is going to become your new best friend. Most (if not all) COAs have an approval process in place that must be followed if you are making significant changes to your space, even though it’s just the interior you are remodeling. We’ve seen most approval cycles take a minimum of 45 days, so plan in advance and don’t start work until you have the seal of approval.

Decisions, Decisions….Hire The Right Remodeling Partner

As with any home remodel, the same challenge exists for your condo renovation when it comes to understanding exactly who you need to do the work. If it’s just a simple pull and replace of your condo Powder Room, that’s a much simpler project and completely different to a total redesign and renovation of your condo’s Kitchen.  If you are simply looking to update your Powder Room or replace your Kitchen countertops, there are plenty of General Contractors who could be the perfect match for you. At Synergy Design & Construction, our full service design/build approach is a better fit for a more complex, design thoughtful condominium remodel. If you aren’t sure what you need, read Best Remodelers in Reston & How to Find Them .

Reston Condominium

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Logistics Matter

There are a lot of nuances to consider and things you might find helpful to know before you meet with any remodeling contractor or company to discuss your condo remodel. Considerations include:

  • Elevation. Enjoying the beautiful view from the 10th floor? Gorgeous, yes, but if you don’t have a lot of storage space, the time it takes to go up and down from the ground floor with supplies and materials eats into the time the crew can work in your home so projects may take a little longer
  • Visitor Access. Many luxury condo buildings have requirements for pre-approval of guests in the building. Your building management may require you to be the central point of contact for your contractor to ensure they can gain easy, daily access to the building
  • Time Restrictions. Home remodelers tend to be early morning people. Most of our carpenters and crew are usually hard at work by 8am. Many condo buildings, however, put time restrictions on when work can be undertaken in the building. Working around these restrictions is a necessity, but it also means your remodeling partner may have to adjust their schedule accordingly which may add extra time to your project
  • Parking. This can be one of the biggest challenges, especially now in Reston Town Center since – dare we even mention it – paid parking! Your contractor will need approved bay(s) in your building garage to use to keep the project flowing smoothly
  • Dumpsters. It may not be the most glamorous thing to have to think about, but if you need a dumpster for demolition items, your contractor will need approval for a place to put it on condo property

Ask your prospective condo remodeling company if they have undertaken a remodel in a condo building before. If they have, it’s a good sign they will take all of these things into consideration with the added benefit of having developed relationships with many of the building managers in the area.

Special Considerations

Although you may think of condo remodeling in the same way as residential remodeling, it brings with it special commercial building considerations. There are some things no remodeler may be able to change for you such as sprinkler locations, limitations on what can be done with concrete ceilings or even certain structural changes. There are also specific requirements in many condo buildings with regards to use of specific flooring to reduce noise or other building materials. The more you plan for this in advance, the smoother the process will be once you begin your condo remodel.

Master Bath 3D Image

Master Bath 3D Image

Luxury Condominium Remodeling Right on Your Doorstep!

With many condos in the Reston area now well into their second decade, you might be thinking it’s time to remodel yours. We can help! With over 10 years of experience and based right here in Reston, we know a thing or two when it comes to luxury condominium remodeling. We apply our same proven Renovation Roadmap™ methodology to all of our remodels to ensure you renovate happy !

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