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Tariffs: What They Mean for Your Home Remodel

Newly announced tariffs seem like a daily occurrence recently. While it’s easy to lose track of the details, it’s usually not until it hits our wallets that we really start to pay attention.  The remodeling industry is not immune from the impact of tariffs. The 2019 U.S Houzz & Home report shows that remodeling costs have steadily risen in recent years mainly due to the increased cost of imported goods, and it’s a trend that is set to continue. Tariffs impact material costs on imported goods from cabinets to flooring to counter tops and everything in between.

We’ve been talking about the impact of trade tariffs on remodeling for a while. While it presents an opportunity to use alternative materials, the reality is US-made material costs are also increasing. For Homeowners thinking of a remodel, it means the average cost of home remodeling in the area (and across the country) continues on an upward trend.

Given this, it’s important to do your research up front and get a better understanding of how much a home remodel really costs. Getting a realistic feel for the kind of investment you will need to make in your home remodel can seem overwhelming. We are often asked what the square foot pricing for a home remodel is. The short answer is: it depends! You can read more about the cost drivers in Square Foot Pricing for A Home Remodel: What You Should Know.

Another great place to start for getting a better sense of the dollar cost for home remodeling in this area is the Cost vs. Value report. It’s a great tool for providing information on what other homeowners are spending on their Kitchen and Bath remodels.

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With prices rising, it’s more important than ever to get realistic costs up front so you can budget accordingly. That’s where Synergy can help. We partner with our clients from the outset to set realistic budgets and then work with you on your design choices to meet that budget. We don’t believe in sounding cheaper at the outset only to change order you left and right once construction starts. That only results in frustration on your part when your final cost is way over what you were expecting. Instead, we get to your final cost before construction starts so you can breathe easily during your home remodel.

Ready to chat about your home remodel and get a better sense of how much things really cost? Our initial consultations are free and we’re here to help!

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