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Kitchen Remodeling

Beyond Stainless Steel: What’s New in Kitchen Appliances

By July 12, 2019December 6th, 2022No Comments

A recent unplanned shopping expedition (courtesy of a washing machine going on the fritz – when guests were in town, of course) found me taking a detour into the aisles to check out what our local big-box stores now have on offer for Kitchen appliances. Stainless steel appliances were still heavily featured, but I also noted some changes to the usual selection. It was nice to see newer design trends are starting to make an appearance. So, when it comes to Kitchen remodeling, what’s new in Kitchen appliances? 


Stainless steel is still a crowd pleaser and a popular, stylish choice. However, white Kitchen appliances are making a come-back. The new-look appliances have a few twists though: ice white with a more contemporary finish is the way to go (see featured image by Berghuis Construction). Black stainless steel appliances are also now more mainstream, having started to pop up a few years ago. We think we’ll be seeing more of them in coming years. Lastly, COLOR! Just about anything goes now from red to blue to violet! If you are going to go big on color, the key is to keep everything else simple and clean to avoid a cluttered look.

kitchen with black refrigerator

Image Credit – Bosch

Retro Refrigerators

I had a black sparkly Smeg fridge in my first apartment in London and I LOVED it. What was old is new again, with retro-look fridges making a comeback and in demand once again. Addressing two trends in one, retro fridges come in all sorts of wonderful colors. You don’t have to have a retro Kitchen to incorporate retro fridges or other appliances. When it comes to an updated look in your Kitchen remodel, they’re just as comfortable in a more modern design.

kitchen with large rolling island

Image Credit: Limaonagua

“Hidden” Hoods

Although hoods that make a statement and are a design feature in themselves are still on-trend, there’s a new competitor in town! Sleek, hidden hoods are the next big thing. Constantly evolving technology means these hoods still pack a punch when it comes to effectiveness, despite their smaller size.

The Microwave Drawer

The microwave drawer is nothing new – it’s been around for a while but it took a while to catch on. Once you have one, there’s no going back to the above-the-stove option! Microwave drawers not only look great, they’re really functional. No more reaching up over a hot stove to remove an equally hot dish! Microwave drawers are usually located under-counters and the drawer slides out so dishes can easily be removed from the top.

kitchen with dark blue island

Image Credit: Synergy Design & Construction

Integrated Technology

Running late and need to turn on your oven? Want your fridge to tell you what’s inside and then give you recipes for what to make? The age of integrated technology for your Kitchen is here! Kitchen appliances understanding voice commands or touch screens on your refrigerator may not be for everyone, though. From concerns about privacy and big brother listening in, to fears over technology becoming obsolete in a few short years, we’re putting this on the slow burn (pun intended!) before Homeowners become fully comfortable with adding integrated appliances into the mix for their Kitchen remodel.

Appliance selection isn’t all about assuming the most expensive option is the only option. We can help you with budget-friendly, highly consumer rated, reliable product choices that make a design statement in your Kitchen remodel. It’s all part of helping you renovate happy!

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