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Kitchen Remodeling

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink!

By December 9, 2019March 9th, 2020No Comments
kitchen with white and stainless steel accents

We love being a home remodeler in this area and creating beautiful spaces for our clients to enjoy. One of the ways we take our projects to the next level and create a ‘wow’ factor in our kitchen remodels is by thinking about all the little design details that make a big difference. From lighting to cabinets to flooring, every design decision made has an impact on the end result. Even the smallest details have an impact on how a project comes together. This is certainly the case for the one thing you might not even take into consideration: the kitchen sink!

Often overlooked, it’s sometimes assumed picking out a kitchen sink is a simple decision and an easy step in your kitchen remodel. However, a beautiful – and well chosen – kitchen sink can make or break your remodel. Don’t know your apron fronted from your composite? Let’s take a look!

Apron Fronted Sinks

Once reserved for the “farmhouse kitchen”, the apron fronted sink has taken on a new lease of life and is now at home just as much in a transitional or even contemporary kitchen as it is in a country design. This style makes a visual statement but is also hard wearing. Not sure what a transitional kitchen is? Find out! 

kitchen with white and stainless steel accents
kitchen with white accents and stainless steel appliances

Undermount Sinks

An undermount sink is simply one that is installed below the countertop rather than a top mount where the edges of the sink show above the countertop. This is a go-to choice for a more contemporary aesthetic and is much more commonly used than a top mount in most kitchen remodels these days. We highly recommend a professional take care of the installation of this type of sink for you as they need to be sealed well to prevent leaks. The downside of this type of sink is that debris and dirt may collect over time in the join between the countertop and sink rim. This is also a problem with top mount sinks however, so, given the choice, we say go with an undermount.

Copper Sinks

We love sinks that are a break from the norm! This client was willing to trust us with this unique copper sink in their kitchen remodel in Reston. The key to a copper sink is going with a hammered finish so stains and scratches don’t show as well as for added durability.

close up of kitchen sink with window behind it
kitchen with sparkling black counter top

Composite Sinks

Kitchen sinks don’t have to be white or stainless steel. This anthracite undermount granite composite sink not only looks great, it’s extremely durable and scratch-resistant. This client loves a black and white color scheme, and the black faucet complements the sink perfectly.

As a kitchen renovation company in Reston, we’re all about designing to suit your preferred tastes but our talented Interior Designers guide you through the selections process so you know you’re making the right choice and will love your kitchen (and your sink!) for many years to come.  It’s all part of the renovate happy process! Ready to remodel or just wondering where to start? Give us a call!

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