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Inside Look: Meet Lisa, Project Manager

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Ever wondered what it’s like to work in the home remodeling industry? Not all home remodeling companies are structured in the same way but, at Synergy, we believe having an in-house team of experts allows us to provide you with a personalized, stress-free remodeling experience. From Interior Designers to Carpenters to Project Managers, our team are all Synergy employees who each play a part in your home remodel. So, join us as we take a peek behind the scenes and learn from Lisa what it takes (and what it’s like!) to be a Project Manager in a home renovation company!

What was your path to working in the construction industry and your role as Project Manager?

I majored in Civil Engineering planning to combine my artistic side with my mathematical side in an architecture or structural design focused career. However, after doing an internship in CAD design and then taking a class in Construction Management, I found I loved the construction side of things far more than design only. Having the ability to be an integral part of the design coming together in the field really attracted me to the industry. I started out in general contracting and made my way to Synergy after realizing I was most passionate about residential design and construction much more than commercial work due to the client interaction and detailed work.

Tell us more about what your day-to-day looks like

My day-to-day is constantly changing. My most important tasks are making sure our projects in design and construction are running according to schedule. That means checking on design deliverables with our internal team, following up with clients on key decisions, checking in with the Lead Carpenters on site and confirming schedules with the trade partners working on our projects. In addition to keeping the wheels turning, I may make site visits, continue to improve our overall processes and update tracking spreadsheets.

What skills are important to have to work in your role?

The ability to multi-task and juggle a lot of different tasks and roles at once, detail-oriented, high level of organization, critical thinking and the ability to make decisions quickly.

What do you love the most about your job?

The variety of tasks I get to work on and ultimately seeing the smiles on our clients faces when we turn their newly renovated spaces back to them.

What are the most challenging aspects?

Not getting overwhelmed by the amount of information and requests coming in on any given day – taking one task at a time; things are constantly in motion as is the nature of construction, so what I plan a day to look like may get completely derailed by something more pressing. I have learned how to roll with the punches a bit more and quickly decipher what needs my attention as first priority and what can wait.

Tell us more about your favorite project and why it resonated with you

My favorite project was a whole home remodel in Oakton. The project touched so many different areas of their home and the homeowners were not afraid to take a few risks in color (dark blue kitchen island cabinets and bold blue master bathroom) and style (picket-shape backsplash tile in the kitchen and penny floor tile in powder room), not to mention the textured countertops in the kitchen with notable veining – I, too, love the color blue! The re-designed layouts in both the kitchen and master bath made the spaces feel so much larger and more open with an increased functionality for a family of four. In addition to the gorgeous design elements, the clients were so much fun to work with. They were so friendly and enjoyed the whole process – their intention painting is one of the most thoughtful and complete that I’ve seen. It warmed my heart.

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What advice would you give for anyone thinking of a career in residential construction?

Be prepared for a fast-paced, challenging and exciting career. If possible, take the opportunity to get an internship in construction management or spend time talking with people who do the job you’re interested in before committing to it to see if it would be a good fit. There are a lot of moving parts in residential construction, but it is ultimately very rewarding to be a part of a cohesive team that gets to see an entire project plan come together with happy clients at the end of it all.

At Synergy Design & Construction, we provide a full service design-build home remodeling experience. That means we partner with you from the design of your perfect space all the way through construction and professionally project manage your home remodel throughout using our in-house team of experts. That means one point of accountability for you and a seamless experience. No finger pointing and no hand-offs to others. If you are looking for a design thoughtful kitchen remodel, basement remodel, first floor or even whole home remodel, get in touch. We’re always happy to chat about your plans for your perfect space!

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