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Basement Remodeling

How Much Does A Basement Remodel Cost?

By September 11, 2020No Comments

Basements are often used as nothing more than storage space and not a place you want to spend much time in. Languishing in the corner is that old sofa you love and just can’t bear to get rid of. Sure, there’s a pile of clothes on it that you keep meaning to donate, but you’ll get around to it one day. The suitcases from your last pre-COVID vacation are also down there….somewhere.

What a waste of square footage! However, a basement remodel can easily add value to your home. Even better, unfinished basements are like a blank canvas with lots of potential and, with the right creativity and vision, they can be turned into beautiful but functional spaces.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in demand for basement remodels. It’s hardly surprising given we’re all spending so much more time at home and really want to maximize the space we have and enjoy it more.

But how much does it cost to remodel a basement? Well, like most things in life, that depends! A few factors to think about that will impact cost:

  • Is your basement currently finished or unfinished?
  • Are there any load-bearing columns or other structures that need to be taken in account?
  • Is there a lot of ductwork that needs to be added or concealed?
  • Are there existing plumbing lines or rough-ins for that “must-have” guest bathroom or bar sink you want?
  • What level of finish do you want? Flooring, drywall, bar/office cabinets, tile, bathroom fixtures, interior doors, stairs, new washer/dryer…you can see how the costs start to add up, especially if you want a spa-like guest bathroom or “wow” bar area with gorgeous high-end cabinets and a state-of-the-art wine fridge and pellet ice maker
  • Are you willing to do some of the work and manage the project yourself using a general contractor or do you want a professionally managed full-service type of experience?

There are many ways you can go about your basement remodel. Step #1 of a basement remodel is figuring out WHO you need, not just WHAT you need.  A more cost effective way may be to use a general contractor (GC) but you will have to take on more responsibility for project management and making design choices and (usually) buying the materials yourself. Synergy Design & Construction is a full service design-build firm, meaning we manage the project for you, design it and build it – all using our in-house team of experts. Although using a remodeling company like Synergy might be more expensive than a general contractor, most of our clients want the peace of mind of working with someone who can do all the heavy lifting for them and who manages the whole project from start to finish.

So, what is a reasonable cost for a basement remodel? Independent surveys often show basement remodels start at the $50,000 to $75,000 range, depending on what it is you are trying to do. Of course, throwing up walls and laying down carpet can cost less, but many of our clients are willing to invest more to make their dream space a reality. Let’s face it, with no end in sight for a return to the pre-COVID day-to-day “normal”, we’d rather you get exactly what you want. Our promise to you is that we’ll always be realistic with you in terms of what it costs for a quality basement remodel and deliver a project that’s on time and on budget.

Let’s take a look at a case study of a local Reston home. This family of five were ready to remodel an unfinished basement and turn it into a family and guest friendly space with lots of multi-functional features including a rec room, guest bedroom and bathroom and even a dual desk office area.

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Ready for a basement remodel in your home? We’re always happy to talk about your home remodeling plans. Our no-obligation consultations are FREE. Not comfortable with having anyone in your home at the current time? No problem, we offer virtual consultations.

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