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Inside Look: Meet Liz, Client Relations & Office Manager

By September 21, 2020December 21st, 2020No Comments

She’s the first person new clients looking for a local home remodeler speak to, the person behind the thoughtful gifts we give to our clients at the end of each home remodeling project we work on and the one who ensures the Synergy office runs smoothly. If you’ve already met her, you’ll have experienced her warm welcome and thoughtfulness and she encapsulates the meaning of ‘renovating happy’ and ensuring our clients have a great experience. So, let’s meet and learn more about Liz, our Client Relations & Office Manager, and find out how she helps make Synergy one of the best home remodelers in Reston.

What was your path to working in the home remodeling industry?

My path to Synergy started when I moved to the DMV after graduating with a degree in Interior Design. I’ve always appreciated great design, especially the impact spaces have on people and their lives. My first job out of college was with the design division for Sunrise Senior Living. I loved having relationships with the folks we were building communities for and particularly visiting existing communities to experience how our designs improved and enhanced their quality of life.

I quickly realized that my passion was in service. When the recession hit in 2008, I unexpectedly found myself needing to find a new role. Finding another design job was very challenging. I knew I was really good at project management and very task driven, so I started focusing on support roles in small companies. I really wanted to help make an impact by supporting growing businesses. When I saw Synergy’s job posting, I felt like it had been written for me. I found a fit for my love of design and transformation as well as my drive to organize and execute. Working closely with individuals in their homes is such a personal and intimate experience and knowing what the changes to their space will bring to their experience in their home granted satisfaction I hadn’t felt in other industries.

Tell us more about what your day-to-day looks like?

My day-to-day usually consists of talking to new clients looking for a home remodeler, maintaining order around the office, maintaining our accounting in Quickbooks, tracking, reporting, planning, scheduling and executing! The day goes fast given all the different areas I have responsibility for and have to manage.

What skills are important to have to work in your role?

To work in my role, you need to be organized, attentive, thorough, prompt and proactive! Planning ahead to control as many of my responsibilities as possible really helps as things come up quickly that can shift the whole course of the day. Also, being personable and easy to talk to is important, too. I spend a lot of time on the phone with homeowners discussing different approaches to home remodeling and helping them identify if a design-build approach is the right fit for their home remodel. Listening and identifying their needs along with being committed to their experience (not only with Synergy but the remodeling industry in general) is also important.

What do you love the most about your job?

What I love most about my job are all the little things I get to do to enhance our client’s home remodeling experience, as well as our team members and really anyone who comes into contact with Synergy. Sometimes, when I talk with someone interested in remodeling their home with Synergy and during our conversation we find their project isn’t a fit for our services, I love to hear the appreciation in their voice when I offer to give them other resources to help them with their project. I love being able to take care of people and help them find what would work best for their home remodel. It just shows another way we care. I’m proud to work for a company that has such a high level of integrity. I know we all strive to exceed expectations and we all really care about what we do and why we do it.

What are the most challenging aspects?

The most challenging aspect of my job is balancing my workload and keeping everything moving forward. During this pandemic, new challenges arose when I had to rethink the needs of my toddler and pre-teen and how I managed those needs within my daily work schedule. I know many people can relate to this! This challenge also created a shift that helped me think about how I could do things differently and ways I could be more efficient given the new demands on my time at home.

Tell us more about your favorite home remodeling project and why it resonated with you.

My favorite projects are those that really impact people’s lives. Sadly, one client’s home was destroyed due to an exterior barbecue fire not long after we completed their interior home remodel. It was devastating they lost their home and a beloved pet and it was a blessing they were not hurt. Working with them to rebuild again and remodel their entire home felt so personal.  In a way, we went through that fire together and I knew they were in good hands with our team to help pull them out of the rubble.


Another favorite was a home remodel we did for a military couple who lived in many different places and finally reached a point to be able to settle down and start a family in a forever home. They purchased a home next door to their family and were expecting their first child together. Watching their remodel come together and ready in time to welcome the arrival of their baby was very special. Knowing they were comfortable and finally “at home” was very rewarding as we helped make that transition smooth and enjoyable for them.

What advice would you give for anyone thinking of a career in residential construction?

My advice for anyone considering a career in residential construction, would be to not rush through projects. Establish effective processes and continue to learn and grow from your mistakes. Never settle for the status quo – the industry has enough of that already! Strive to be top of the class and focus on your client’s experience and develop personal relationships so you both enjoy the journey!

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