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The Synergy Team Calls The 2021 Home Remodeling & Interior Design Trends!

By December 11, 2020December 14th, 2020No Comments

Of all years, 2020 is definitely one that has all of us rethinking what works – and what doesn’t – in our homes. With months of virtual work and school behind us (and more to come), maybe you’ve decided it’s finally time for a kitchen remodel, or you’re ready to turn that unfinished basement into a multi-functional space with a rec room, dedicated office space AND room for future (post-COVID!) guests. One of the things we pride ourselves on (and love about what we do as a home remodeling company) is keeping up to date with all things home remodeling and interior design. So, wherever you are in your home remodeling plans, as we look to 2021 and hope to soon leave the stresses of the past year behind us, here’s the Synergy team’s picks for the trends we think we’ll be seeing more of in coming years.

Stained Cabinetry in Both Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels

In recent years, homeowners increasingly turned to painted cabinetry for their kitchen and bathroom remodels.  Now there’s a new trend in town as more and more people are looking to do something DIFFERENT than everybody else! According to Emily, one of our Interior Designers,  “I see a big rise in stained cabinetry this year, perhaps overtaking painted cabinetry. Walnut and White Oak species are gaining popularity. Wood grains and stained tones bring a sense of warmth and sophisticated rusticness to a kitchen or bath.” Homeowners are looking to warm up their space and make it “cozy” which is easily obtainable with stains versus painted cabinetry options.

‘Moody’ Mudrooms

Once the domain of the white cabinet, darker “moody” painted cabinetry in mudrooms is gaining in popularity. We’re voting this as one of our favorite hot home remodeling trends for 2021! According to Camille, Interior Designer, “Darker cabinetry is being offset by fun patterned tile floors. Even though cabinetry leans dark, it still looks light, bright and airy with the right flooring. Add in some metal finishes for the hardware and lighting and you find yourself wanting to stay in there all day!” Again, we see warmth brought in with wood stained benches and shelves. The rich walnut colors in some of these examples are beautiful!


One of our top picks from last year, wallpaper has officially returned as a design trend and the designs are just getting more bold, colorful, graphic and fun. Wallpaper is here to stay.

Focal Walls

Mina, Synergy’s Founder and a Zen Remodeler, is calling the creation of “focal walls” as a way to add visual interest in our spaces as one of the biggest new design trends. Whether that be with textured wallpaper, tile or wood accents (and not just through art or furniture), the days of bare walls with a couple pictures on them are gone. A little bit of “pop” is the perfect way to personalize your space. This photo shows a great example of how a foyer with a white focal wall draws you into the rest of the home. 

Mixed metals

Several years ago oil rubbed bronze had its moment, and then matte black had a moment, and now brass and gold are having their moment. Emily’s advice on how to keep ahead of the ever-changing metals trends? Use more than one at once! Our team thinks we will begin (and continue) to see a lot of silver + gold, black + gold, white + gold, brushed + polished silver, black + silver mixed metals used in home remodels.

Multiple Islands in the Kitchen

With so many of us spending a never expected amount of time at home, it may not surprise you to know that homeowners are now opting for multiple islands as part of their kitchen remodel. Although this trend did not evolve as a direct result of the pandemic, demand for it has increased now families are spending so much more time together in common areas. With kids being homeschooled and parents needing to assist, multiple islands allows enough space for kids to do their homework while the parents prepare dinner, put away groceries, etc. Per Camille, “I say if you have the space, this is a splurge you should make!”

Paint that Imbues a Feeling of Calm and Nature

Nothing brings a home remodel together quite like paint. Barbara, our Project Coordinator, is calling paint as one of the best ways to bring calm to an otherwise stressful year. In addition to other home remodeling finishes, paint colors in general are going towards the “cozy” feel as well. Gray and white are definitely on their way out and colors are coming back toward natural tones. With the world events at large, we’re all looking to get ‘back to basics’ and natural elements versus “glamming” it up. Read more about the 2021 color trends and ‘Colors of the Year’ here. 

And, of course, the Return of the Home Office!

The biggest new design direction coming out of our collective experience this year is the new appreciation for set-apart spaces of the home. In an era of opening everything up to get that light, bright, airy open concept we all want, this year has proven there are times you need quiet space to work or join your eighth Zoom call of the day!  Many home remodels now include requests for dedicated home offices with a lot of built-in cabinetry and storage being a big part of bringing peace to frazzled homeowners. How nice would it be if your printer were just right there, and everything you needed for your work had its place? Even small spaces can be the perfect nook for a dedicated home office, as shown in some of the examples below.

And, if all else fails and you can’t find a little space to call your own, let’s not forget your home office doesn’t technically need to be IN your home! Here’s a little inspiration for a home remodel with a twist – the outdoor shed is no longer just for gardening equipment! We’re not naming any names, but one of our team is definitely ready to set up her outdoor office in a studio shed!

If you’re ready to remodel with a company who has an in-house team of interior designers and carpenters who can help you sort the interior design fads from the lasting trends, get in touch! Our consultations are free and there is never any obligation. It’s all part of helping you renovate happy!

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