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Tile Trends You Need to Know About!

By February 10, 2021February 11th, 2021No Comments
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Tile has made a HUGE comeback in recent years. Once the functional and sensible choice because of its durability and easy-to-clean carefree maintenance, tile has become a simple way to make a design statement in its own right in any home remodel. From kitchens to bathrooms to laundry and mudrooms, let’s take a look at some of the best and get a little tile inspiration along the way!

Geometric Tile

We LOVE geometric tile. Hexagons and other polygon shapes started to make an appearance a few years ago and their popularity has steadily increased. They are a super simple way to add a design “wow” to your kitchen backsplash and equally as comfortable in a bathroom. You don’t necessarily have to go “flashy” with these tiles in your next remodel, simple white or natural marble provide an equally stunning look.

Moroccan / Spanish / Portuguese Inspired Tile

Another trend that just keeps going! We love the texture and depth these gorgeous tiles provide. From kitchen backsplashes to mudroom floors to bathroom walls, these tiles can be big and bold in color, or muted with more neutral tones if you aren’t ready to make a statement with bright colors. The best way to use these tiles is to keep the rest of the finishes simple and fuss-free. 

Zellige Square Tile

You might have seen this tile and just not known what it was. Although it started to make an appearance a year or two ago, it’s currently one of the hottest tile trends. Zellige is also a Morrocan tile, but simplistic in its appearance vs. the more vibrant colored tiles above. Handmade and therefore not uniform in shape, each tile has its own individual charm and color variations. If you are a perfectionist this may not be the tile for you. The beauty of Zellige is it’s texture provides shape and movement. Don’t try to install this tile yourself – it takes an experienced professional who knows what they are doing using grout that almost disappears into the color of the tile to pull this look off. The imperfect shape means edges will stick out and surfaces may be uneven making this tile a little harder to clean, but it’s a beautiful tile that makes a statement with its imperfections. 

Wavy & Other Textured Tile

Yes, please! This tile is EVERYWHERE right now and we can’t get enough of it! This tile is particularly at home in bathrooms, although we’ve seen it used throughout the home to create “focal walls” as a way to add visual interest to spaces.  

Large Format Tile

Large format tile makes a room feel spacious because of the lack of grout lines – which also means it’s easy to clean and maintain. Improved technology also means you can get the same effect of much more expensive tile using porcelain tile – marble effect is a great example of this. What’s not to love?

Subway Tile

This ‘trend’ is going nowhere. Subway tile has long been used as a simple, timeless and (depending on the tile) budget-friendly solution for home remodels for many years. From kitchen backsplashes to shower enclosures, subway tile is versatile, comes in all shapes, colors, sizes and finishes. The beauty lies in its simplicity and it can be installed in all sorts of ways including herringbone patterns.  Subway tile has also undergone a modern update in recent years with the use of darker grout for a stand-out look.

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