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How To Ensure Cleanliness When Living Through a Remodel

By October 14, 2021December 2nd, 2022No Comments
man painting house interior

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Remodeler and homeowners Mark and Mina Fies of Synergy Design & Construction decided to remain in their home as it undergoes a full remodel. That means living through demolition, painting, installs—every step of the process.

Their favorite product for ensuring cleanliness and health for homeowners? The ZipWall dust barrier system. They’ve used Zipwall products for many years for client home remodels. Zipwall systems help contain dust and particles in the construction zone while keeping other areas clean and treating the rest of the home with respect.

man working on painting house interior

The Synergy Team installing a Zipwall  Dust Barrier System at Mark & Mina’s Model ReModel home

“Controlling dust and making sure it doesn’t permeate throughout the rest of the home is really important to us as it is for any homeowner living through the remodeling process,” says Mark.

ZipWall’s system consists of spring-loaded poles, plastic sheeting, zippers, and seals, with optional add-ons, such as the company’s new Magnetic Door accessory, Barrier PassThrough, Sticky Mat, and reusable barriers.

In the 2021 Model ReModel, Synergy utilized ZipWall’s FoamRail tapeless seals to secure both the bottom and top of the plastic panels, zippers and doors for easy entry and air-tight sealing.

Mark explains why Zipwall dust barrier systems have been Synergy’s go-to choice for client remodels, and now for their own home remodel

Going above and beyond for their clients is all part of how Synergy helps homeowners to ‘renovate happy’.  Zipwall dust barrier systems are another way Synergy ensures homeowners have a great remodeling experience and treat every client’s home like it’s their own.

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