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Favorite Products: Orro Smart Living System

By November 9, 2021No Comments

Home remodeling has changed in many ways in recent years with advances in more efficient products and the integration of technology into our everyday home life. With this comes a shift in expectations about how we make our homes ‘work’ for us. One thing that hasn’t changed much until this point? Lighting!

Enter Orro! Orro Smart living systems combine lighting controls, intercom functionality and the ability to control your home’s temperature all in one place. It can even lock and unlock doors at the touch of a button. 

Mina and Mark, owners of Synergy Design & Construction, love Orro products so much, they didn’t hesitate to install them in their own home. Synergy is now an authorized Orro partner and we can’t wait to show you what’s possible in your home!

The key feature of the Orro system is how it can unify your smart home with perfect, ambient lighting. Orro has a hub with sensors and artificial intelligence that allows you to set up personalized control of your home’s lighting to suit your lifestyle. Orro learns your lighting preferences and habits and automatically adjusts the lights without having to touch anything. Orro detects your presence and senses the levels of light in a room so it can make smart decisions about how to adjust the lights. The AI functionality turns lights on as you enter a room, and turns them off again when you leave. Additional “scenes” features allow homeowners to change lighting moods at the touch of a button or via voice commands.  

Watch the video below to learn more.

An easy-to-install lighting system that unifies your smart home and creates perfect lighting, automatically.

The Orro smart living system is easy to install (but always consult a professional electrician), and can also be set up to work by integrating easily with Alexa voice commands. 

Small but mighty, Orro technology and the accuracy of the sensors means this system has scored high points in the home remodeling industry and has an ever-growing fan base.  

Ready to rethink your lighting when it comes to your next home remodel? Get in touch! Our consultations are free and we’re always ready to chat about how we can help you renovate happy.

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