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Inside Look: Meet Henry, Lead Carpenter

By February 2, 2022December 2nd, 2022No Comments
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We have a great team of home remodeling professionals at Synergy! We think it’s important to know exactly who will be in your home during your home remodel, so we love to highlight our team members so you have a chance to find out more about us!

Left: Henry enjoying downtime with his family

All of our Carpenters are in-house team members, so you know exactly who is in your home. We assign a specific Lead Carpenter to every home remodel we work on who manages the day-to-day project so you can sit back and relax knowing everything will be taken care of. They not only work on all aspects of carpentry and fine finishing during your home remodel, they manage any specialty trades needed and oversee your entire project.

So, let’s meet and learn more about Henry and find out his role in ensuring Synergy is one of the best home remodelers in Reston!

What was your path to working in the home remodeling industry?

I started out in the banking industry, but my brother introduced me to the construction industry and I have been working in the field ever since. Throughout my career, my role as a lead carpenter has been focused on remodeling kitchens and bathrooms.

Tell us more about what your day-to-day looks like?

Every day, I begin with the same thought process before starting my job, such as thinking about what materials I need in order to efficiently do my job and the instructions to follow. It is important to plan ahead and keep an organized job site when working on a home remodel and I take great pride in that.

What skills are important to have to work in your role?

I think both physical and mental strength are some of the most important skills to have in order to work in my role. Having the ability to use one’s hands to finish a job is equally important as having to use one’s brain to think of the best solutions when a problem arises during the job.

What do you love the most about your job?

What I love most about my job is getting to see the final product of each and every project I work on. I enjoy seeing the end result after putting in my best effort into remodeling a home.

What are the most challenging aspects?

One of the most challenging aspects of the job is when unexpected changes suddenly occur in the original plans. That’s one of the reasons we take every effort to ensure the project is properly scoped and planned from the outset to avoid these types of issues. Every project we work on is different as we only focus on custom home remodels.

Tell us more about your favorite home remodeling project and why it resonated with you.

One of my favorite projects was when we remodeled not just the kitchen or a bathroom, but an entire house. It resonated with me as the project showed me what I was capable of accomplishing besides just my usual job of remodeling kitchens and baths.

Image Credit: Synergy Design & Construction. One of Henry’s favorite home remodels!

What advice would you give for anyone thinking of a career in interior design or residential home remodeling?

The best advice I could give anyone thinking of a career in carpentry/residential construction is to learn more about all aspects of home remodeling and gain experience/practice skills that could benefit them if they were to pursue a job in this field. For instance, practicing plumbing, electricity, and basic carpentry skills before entering this career path would set them up for success and allow them to be a rounded professional who understands all the component parts of what needs to happen to complete a beautiful – and safe –  home remodel.

About Our Home Remodeling Company

As a local home renovation company in Reston, Synergy Design & Construction not only designs your remodel, we build and project manage it, too. We have an in-house team of interior designers, carpenters and project managers. That means one point of accountability for you and a seamless experience. No hand-offs and no finger pointing between designers and construction companies or general contractors. If you’re looking for a full service design thoughtful home remodeler near you who specializes in kitchen remodels, basement remodels, first floor or even whole home remodels, get in touch. We’re always happy to chat about your plans for your perfect space!

If you’re ready to home remodel with a company who works with you from design all the way through to the finished product, get in touch! Our consultations are free and there is never any obligation. It’s all part of helping you renovate happy!

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