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How to Renovate Happy

Renovate Happy: How We Help Make Life Easier During Your Home Remodel!

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temporary kitchen during home remodel

There’s a reason we’re one of the best rated local home remodeling companies in the area. “Renovate Happy” is not just a saying to us; it’s our goal to ensure every homeowner has a great home remodeling experience. But what’s the secret sauce? Well, we can’t give away all of our trade secrets, but here are a few things we do to help make life under construction a little easier!

Kitchen Demoed? A Temporary Kitchen is an Easy Solution!

A kitchen remodel can take months to complete. It’s not easy living with a demolished kitchen and your wallet (not to mention your waistline!) will not thank you for eating out every night. Not every home remodeling company or general contractor does this, but we provide a temporary kitchen for our clients, complete with the basics of a table, induction cooktop(s), microwave (if needed) and even pots and pans if yours have been packed away. We can also help move your fridge to another room, too! 

temporary kitchen during home remodel

Image Credit: Synergy Design & Construction.

It may not be fancy (think glamping), but it’s just one of the many ways we show we understand remodeling is disruptive to the normal routine and try to help our clients take practical steps to make things a little less stressful.

Creating a Personal Experience

Every client’s story is different and unique. We work with clients with young families, couples with no kids, single professionals, empty nesters, retirees – everyone! Whatever the ‘who’ behind the remodel, there’s usually a common thread of ‘why’, and that’s the desire to create ‘home’ for yourself, your family and your friends. 

In recognition of that, we like to create a more personalized experience for our clients. A major home remodel can take months of planning and construction, so it’s important you like the people who are going to be in your lives for a while. It’s more than a transactional relationship to us. We want our clients to have fun along the way and feel like it is a partnership. 

Love the idea of having a more personalized experience when you’re remodeling your home?  Read more in Beyond Remodeling: Creating Personal Experiences That Touch the Heart.

interior painting logo with drawing on the wall

Get the whole family involved in your next home remodel!

Image Credit: Synergy Design & Construction.

Maintaining a clean and safe jobsite

Having a clean job site is a point of pride for Synergy Design & Construction when it comes to home remodeling. No home remodel is dust free, but we make every effort to keep dust to a minimum when we work in clients’ homes. We’ve been using commercial grade 3 stage HEPA filters in our home remodels since 2012 (these are the same air purifiers used by hospitals during the COVID pandemic). Watch this video as Mark explains why.

We also install Zipwall dust barrier systems around the space we are working in to keep the construction zone contained to one area of your home. Zippered doors allow for easy access when needed. Check out the video below to see what we do!

Finally, at the end of your remodel, we’ll even change your air conditioning filters. Construction dust gets into the ductwork so even if your contractor doesn’t do this for you, we highly recommend you do it once your remodel is complete.

We also recommend you consider getting your ductwork cleaned at the end of your remodel. Although this is not part of our services, it is a great idea to do this for the ongoing health of your home.

Keeping You Informed

It’s your home, it’s important you know what is going on – and when – during your remodel. Behind every home remodel we undertake sits a detailed project plan. We share our timeline with you and believe collaboration is the key to a successful project.  In addition to online tools to keep you updated throughout the process, we hold a preconstruction meeting with you before we start work as well as holding weekly status meetings in your home to discuss what’s been achieved in the past week, what’s coming up and to address any questions or concerns. Every week, you’ll also receive an up-to-date finish schedule detailing all of the materials you’ve picked out, how much they cost and where you are against your budget.

At the end of the project, we give you a USB with all of your project’s information, from plans to selection sheets and information about the products, paint and appliances used in your home. It’s all part of helping you renovate happy!

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