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Best Home Remodelers in Reston & How To Find Them!

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kitchen with wood and blue tiles

You’ve decided it’s time to finally remodel your kitchen and start feverishly googling “best remodelers in Reston” or “best remodelers in Herndon” and then wonder why the folks who come through your front door tell you different things and estimates are inconsistent with regards to time and, most importantly, cost. So, how do you find the best remodeler in Reston?

If you don’t work in the remodeling industry, it’s often confusing trying to understand the differences between remodeling approaches. With so many different ways to do it, understanding what you need for your project is the first step in finding the perfect match for your project. Understanding and then aligning your renovation needs to the type of service a particular contractor provides is a HUGE time and cost saver.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Doing a home remodel yourself means you take total control of the entire process, from design all the way through construction. Typically, homeowners who choose the DIY route start with smaller projects more appropriately suited to the time they have, resources and overall knowledge of home remodeling. Flushed with their success, they decide to try their hand at a bigger, more complex project. However, many homeowners quickly find themselves in over their heads. No-one wants to end up on an episode of “Kitchen Renovation Nightmares”, so if you’ve ruled DIY out, read on!


Handyman services are generally smaller in scale and typically don’t include major changes to a home. A handyman may be just what you need if all you are looking to do is replace an existing vanity in a powder room, for example. However, anything more complex will likely require specialized trades for any mechanical, electrical or plumbing work. Costs are usually less for a handyman because one person is doing all of the work, but with this comes time constraints and limitations with regards to the type – and in some cases – quality of the work.

Multiple Trade Contractors

You’ve done a lot of remodeling before and you feel pretty confident managing trades, visiting showrooms and picking out materials. For those who don’t mind taking a hands-on project management approach, know how to source good tradespeople and are willing to tackle the design, hiring and managing multiple contractors will save on costs. What you save on costs, however, you will have to spend in time managing the process and ensuring trades are coordinated – and ensuring the sequence of events is in the correct order!

General Contractors

A General Contractor (sometimes simply referred to as a “GC”), typically focuses on small to medium-sized interior projects. They are responsible for overseeing the construction phase of your remodel and for finding/hiring the appropriate tradespeople to complete the project if they do not have the expertise themselves or in-house. You, on the other hand, will likely still have to come up with the design and, in most circumstances, pick out the materials for the project. GCs are perfectly suited to smaller pull-and-replace type remodels where you are not significantly changing the footprint or replacing like-for-like in the existing footprint. The quality and price of using a GC varies greatly depending on the level of support they offer, the size of the project and the quality of the project management in keeping the remodel on-time and on-budget.

Design-Only Services

Design only services are provided by Architects (larger, complex projects) and/or Interior Designers (smaller residential remodeling) with the intent the design plans can then be used for several contractors to bid to complete the work. Accountability in this scenario varies – sometimes leaving homeowners feeling stuck in the middle unless the Architect or Designer oversees the entire project all the way through construction. In recent years, it’s also become increasingly difficult to find a reputable contractor who will work only on construction. Most either work on new builds exclusively or have integrated design services into their business model.


A professional full-service design/build firm (like Synergy Design & Construction) manages all aspects of your home remodel and guides you through your project from design all the way through construction. They do all the heavy lifting as well as project manage it along the way. Design/build firms tend to focus on medium to large-scale residential projects: design-thoughtful whole home renovations as well as kitchens, basements and bathrooms. They may also offer services for home additions. Most design/build firms “design everything they build and build everything they design”, so most local firms will not bid on design-only services and/or the design services they provide can not be used to hand off to a General Contractor. In-house design and professional project management delivers a better customer experience from an accountability and quality perspective, but on the flip side, good design and well-executed construction takes time and will cost more.

Helpful Resources

If a full-service design/build firm like Synergy isn’t quite what you’re looking for, here are some handy resources to help you kick-start your project. Synergy Design & Construction does not endorse any of the products or services provided here, but we are all about helping homeowners find what they need!

  • National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) – this is a great resource for homeowners to find industry professional contractors, subcontractors, specialty contractors, etc.
  • Signature Design Interiors – full-service interior decorating, design and staging services.
  • Ferguson – bath, kitchen, appliance and lighting products with knowledgeable consultants on hand for advice on your kitchen and bath projects.
  • FBT Tile and Marble – need new tile in your kitchen or bathroom? FBT can revitalize your kitchen with eye-catching backsplashes, gorgeous new slab counter-tops or add attractive, durable flooring to your space.
  • Mosaic Tile – not just tile and stone – hardwood, LVT, lighting, bathtubs, vanities, cabinets accessories and more all available from one single source!
  • Style Savvy Designs – in need of interior decorating services for drapes, paint selections and/or accessories? Christa is happy to help!

Still Not Sure What You Need?

At Synergy Design & Construction, we want homeowners to be as informed as possible and help them find the perfect partner for their remodel – even if it’s not us! Still not sure what you need? Download our Free “Ways To Renovate” Guide to help get you started.

If you are ready to move forward with your project and want to work with the best remodeler in Reston, then get in touch!  We are always happy to discuss your project and partner with you on creating your dream space.

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