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Custom Basement Renovation in Beacon Hill, Reston

Reston, VA


Ah, the basement. Often used as nothing more than storage space (and not a place you want to spend much time in), the basement is often overlooked when it comes time for a home remodel with priority placed on kitchen or bathroom remodeling instead. Those plans for a custom basement renovation to create the space you’ve always wanted? Shelved ‘for another day…’ when you have more time or when your in laws suddenly announce they are coming to stay for three weeks and you all need separate space to retreat to – and you’ve left it too late to do anything about it.  Well, now’s the time to get started on your basement remodel and maximize every square foot of space in your home.

From separate home offices to recreation rooms to the creation of a guest suite for family and friends, there’s nowhere in your home that provides more flexibility than your basement. Whether you’re looking to finish an unfinished basement or redesign your existing basement into a stylish retreat and improve functionality, there’s never been a better time for a custom basement renovation. 

Love the thought of a basement remodel but not sure where to start? Get inspired and read How to Remodel a Basement: A Case Study and find out more about how much a basement remodel costs.

Contact Synergy Design & Construction today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your dream custom basement renovation and start your remodeling journey today! As a local home remodeling company, we specialize in truly custom basement remodels and in creating spacious and stylish basements that are perfect for the entire family to enjoy together!