Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Brenton Cove, Reston


Not all kitchen remodeling contractors are created equally. When you’re ready for your kitchen remodel, the first step is ensuring you know who you need, not just what you need. You need to know exactly what you’re getting before you sign on the dotted line with any kitchen remodeling contractor. 

A General Contractor (GC) may be the perfect solution for you – if you are ready to project manage your kitchen remodel and make the kitchen design choices (and in some cases, purchase the materials) yourself. Most GCs do not have in-house design experts, rather they will expect you or an independent kitchen designer to provide the plans and specifications for your kitchen remodel. One of our clients previously worked with a general contractor who called her on her way home from work asking her to go to Home Depot to pick up supplies! This is NOT the sort of experience we want you to have. 

At Synergy, we’re a full-service kitchen remodeling contractor. That means we not only partner with you to come up with the perfect kitchen design, we have an in-house team of carpenters who are assigned to work on your specific kitchen remodel. We project manage your kitchen remodel, design it and buy everything on your behalf. Shouldn’t working with a kitchen remodeling contractor be fun? We think so! We want you to enjoy the experience and leave us to do the heavy lifting to ensure your kitchen remodel turns out just the way you wanted it. 

We’re one of the best kitchen remodeling contractors here in Northern Virginia. We want you to enjoy your renovation journey by designing beautiful, custom-made spaces. Ready to renovate happy? We’re ready to help. Give us a call at 703-766-6333!