Why Design-Build?

With Design-Build, there’s no handoff between design and construction during your renovation. Our experienced, award-winning team handles your entire renovation project from beginning to end, so you don’t have to worry about disagreements between parties and finger pointing.

We know that when there’s “synergy” between the design and construction phases, you get beautifully designed, off-the-charts remodeling experiences. It’s literally why we named our company “Synergy”.

The result was having a space that accommodates ALL of our needs and desires.
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About Design-Build

Design-Build is a recognized industry standard that takes a holistic approach to remodeling and building. The same firm that designs your renovation or addition builds it. This approach solves a frequent dilemma for homeowners of how to select a designer, a builder, and the tradespeople separately. Since one company is responsible for both design and construction, you only need to select one group to oversee your project from start to finish.

The advantages of a Design-Build approach are plentiful—but above all else you benefit from the synergy and consistency of service that comes from working directly with the one firm that both designs and builds your project.

Benefits of Design-Build

A Strong Working Relationship with Professional Guides

The Design-Build process allows us to get to know each other early on—in the design phase, well before you sign a construction contract. In our first meeting we gain an understanding of the direction you want to go with your renovation so we can manage both the big picture and the details. As a result, you end up with what you want without having to worry about the overwhelming number of details involved in getting there. Starting our strong working relationship early ensures you’re comfortable throughout both phases of your project and allows us to work together seamlessly.

Understanding Costs

After we get a solid sense of your vision and goals, we have you set an investment goal very early on in the Design-Build process, Doing so allows us to avoid the disappointment of developing a design and providing a cost estimate, only to find out that the project is well beyond what you’re comfortable spending. Our experienced team visits your home with our trade partners, evaluates the space, anticipates any challenges, and refines the cost of your project so there’s little chance of surprises once construction begins. This set budget becomes our guide for the entire project.

Time & Cost Savings

A recent study covering 351 projects showed that the design-build method reduced total project costs by 6% and that delivery time improved by 33%. Our entire team works together to make sure your project’s budget and timeline are honored.

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Single Source Accountability

You direct one instead of many. Working with one company that assumes accountability and stands behind its work is not only convenient, but it provides consistency. When the right hand knows what the left hand is doing, there are less misunderstood intentions, lower construction costs, and the entire process takes less time.

Continuity & Seamless Transition from Design to Construction

When working with a Design-Build firm that is involved from start to finish, the chance for things falling through the cracks is greatly diminished. Work becomes more efficient and there’s greater continuity between the vision of the design and the realities of construction. With no hand-off between different companies, the transition is seamless.

Award-winning Design

The Design-Build process allows your project to be professionally designed by a team skilled at finessing the balance between desired design elements and your investment goals. In addition to having one eye focused on your targeted budget, we are uniquely responsive to your needs, tastes, and lifestyle.

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