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How do you plan a remodeling project?

It’s much easier (and cheaper) to make changes while things are still on paper, so it’s never too early to start the planning process! Taking time to fully understand the “why” behind your remodel as well as creating your “must-have”, “nice-to-have” and “pinch me” lists are an important first step to any home transformation.

Take time in the design phase of your project to ensure all your materials selections are  complete before you let any remodeler start swinging a hammer is critical to a stress-free remodel. Read more about how our approach and Renovation Roadmap process leads you through the process in a zen-like fashion.

What is design-build?

A true design-build firm provides a full-service remodeling experience from start to finish. While some companies say they’re “design-build” you actually end up working with their supplier’s showroom designers. That’s not how we roll. We have an in-house Design Team who designs your project and project manages all aspects of it on your behalf. Our in-house Carpentry team is then responsible for the construction phase of your project (no finger-pointing going on here). Our job is to keep you smiling and this is how we do it

What types of home remodeling projects do you do?

We specialize in and are experts at design thoughtful residential home remodeling in Reston and the surrounding areas. This includes Whole Home, Kitchen, Master Bathroom, Basement remodels and everything in between! Take a peek at some of our Featured Projects to get a sense of our work.

We do not work on additions, simple pull and replace type remodels, standalone services like countertop replacements or house refreshes/updates for resale.

Do you provide design-only services?

As a full service design-build firm, we design everything we build and build everything we design. For that reason, we do not provide design-only services. 

Can you provide roofing and siding services?

We only replace roofs and siding if it forms part of our services for a larger-scale home remodel. We do not do roof or siding replacement as a stand-alone service. 

I’m looking for a remodeler near me. What areas do you service?

We serve Reston and surrounding areas. You can review our specific areas of service here. 

Do you provide renovation project management?

Absolutely! We use our Renovation Roadmap to create an exceptional remodeling experience for you from start to finish.  We have in-house project managers on staff who plan your remodel and oversee our Carpentry team (who are full-time employees), so you always know who’s in your home. Curious about our team? Check them out HERE

Do you have interior designers on staff?

Yes! That’s part of what sets us apart from other remodelers and it’s important because it means the same company is responsible for your project from start to finish (and you have one point of accountability!). Want to see who would be designing your project? Check out Our Team!

Do you provide free remodeling consultations?

Of course, we want to ensure we’re a good fit for each other! After an initial phone call to ensure your needs are in alignment with what we can provide, we’ll visit your home for a free consultation to discuss your project and learn more about your goals at no cost. After this initial visit, and if it seems like our services are a good match, we invite you by our office to see our space, meet our team and talk over our approach in detail. Our goal is to give you all the information you need about how we work and the way we work to ensure they’re in alignment with your needs.

Do you provide free home renovation estimates?

Once we learn more about the scope of your project, the level of finishes you’re thinking about and your investment goals, we work with you to go through a detailed design process to give you an accurate cost for your project. We don’t believe in change ordering our clients and nickel and diming them at every turn, so we do not provide “free estimates” at the very beginning of the process to get you to sign on the dotted line. 

Do I have to pull my own permits for my remodel?

Not when you work with us! We do this for you - every project, every time. Many remodelers may ask you to pull them yourself which is not only a hassle, it leaves you unprotected should something go wrong! If for some reason, we’re not a fit and you choose another remodeling partner, please ask them to include pulling permits in their process so you avoid any major issues down the road. 

How much does a remodel cost per square foot?

Great question! Like most things in life, there is no exact answer any remodeler can give you when they first walk through your front door. The Cost. Vs. Value report is a great place to start to get some realistic expectations about how much remodels really cost. We provide additional information in our recent article: Square Foot Pricing for a Home Remodel: What You Should Know.

How do I pay for my remodel?

During construction there’s typically a payment due every two to three weeks based on the length and scope of your project. We’ll provide a detailed “Schedule of Payments” for you up-front so you know exactly what payments will be due and which progress milestones they’ll be tied to. This is very important because, no matter who you use, you want to make sure your payments are in sync with the progress they’re making! Need financing? We’d be happy to partner you with someone who specializes in remodeling financing. You can also find some free resources here.

Are you an insurance claim contractor?

No, we do not work on remodels that are part of an insurance claim.

How long does a home remodel take?

This greatly depends on the size and scope of your project. Once we get into the construction phase, projects typically take anywhere from 8 to 14 weeks.  However, we’re rigorous with our schedules, and once we commit to the exact timeline, you can bank on it!

Do you pass discounts on materials on to clients?

One of the benefits of working with a full service firm like Synergy is that we pass any cost savings we get from our industry partners onto you! Most of the clients we work with want to eliminate the hassle of buying materials themselves. We’ll take care of all the orders and delivery coordination on your behalf. 

Can you live in a house during renovation?

If you decide to remain in your home during the remodel, we do everything we can to make life as “normal” as possible, from keeping a clean and organized job site, putting up zipwalls and doors to protect other areas of your home and even provide a temporary kitchen to make it a little easier on you and your family.  We can also recommend a packing company if you have items you wish to store elsewhere during your remodel. We partner with you to determine an individualized project plan so you know what to expect when. This plan also takes into consideration things like demolition phases, vacations and even pet needs! 

How long have you been a remodeler in my area?

We’ve been proudly serving Reston and the surrounding areas since 2008!

Can you provide remodeling customer testimonials or references?

Yes! We pride ourselves on our customer service and value every Client we work with. Let our clients tell you “Why Us” in their own words!

Is Synergy Design & Construction a licensed and insured contractor?

Yes. We are fully licenced and insured.