Northern VA Services


Kitchen Renovation

Your family, friends, and guests alike all gravitate to your home’s kitchen for good meals and great conversation. Your kitchen is truly a key part of your home, and it’s important to make this space as appealing and inviting as possible. If your kitchen’s appearance isn’t exactly as nice as you would like, or even if you’re simply longing for some sort of change, a kitchen renovation can really transform the space! Learn more about our kitchen renovations in Northern VA.

Home Additions

Your home should be a place where you and your family feel happy, safe, and comfortable. Many homeowners know the value of completing a home renovation to improve a space. When your home’s design isn’t where you want it to be, it can make your home feel like nothing more than a house. If you want to change around the layout of your home and give some rooms in your house more space, complete a home addition project with Synergy Design & Construction! Learn more about our home additions in Northern VA.

Basement Renovation

When you think of a basement, what comes to mind? A cold, dark space you only dare enter when you need to retrieve something from storage? This is all that some homeowners look for in a basement. However, other homeowners who are looking to create the home of their dreams have bigger plans for their basement. The real beauty of basements is that they can serve so many purposes and can be turned into a very nice additional level of your home! Learn more about our basement remodeling in Northern VA.

Full Home Renovation

As a homeowner, you want to own the home of your dreams: a home that’s affordable, beautiful, and close to everything you need. In Northern Virginia’s competitive housing market, finding an existing house to purchase that meets all of your expectations can seem next to impossible. If you can’t find it, why not create it yourself? A full-scale renovation can truly transform your entire home into the space you’ve always wanted. Learn more about our full home renovations in Northern VA.