Custom Kitchen Designer in Oakton VA

Your family, friends, and guests alike all gravitate to your home’s kitchen for good meals and great conversation. Your kitchen is truly a key part of your home, and it’s important to make this space as appealing and inviting as possible. If your kitchen’s appearance isn’t exactly as nice as you would like, or even if you’re simply longing for some sort of change, a kitchen renovation can really transform the space.

As a custom kitchen designer in Oakton, Synergy Design & Construction has a passion for creating gorgeous homes! We aim to design spaces that give off positive energy, and what better place to enjoy positive energy than in your kitchen? No matter what upgrades or renovation you have in mind, we can help you build your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Upgrades

Changing or upgrading one or two aspects of your kitchen can have a dramatic effect. Replacing your clunky, old-fashioned oven with a stainless-steel modern one not only improves its functionality but gives the whole room a sleek new look. Installing new tile flooring can change the entire tone of the space and really make your countertops pop. If you’re a fan of your kitchen’s overall layout but wish you could change one or two things, completing simple kitchen upgrades can give you the results you want. A kitchen designer in Oakton can help you determine what simple upgrades will vastly improve your space.

Kitchen Renovations

Out with the old, in with the new! If this is your philosophy, you might feel your kitchen’s current layout has reached its expiration date. A complete kitchen layout change is a bigger project than a simple kitchen upgrade, but can have an amazing impact on  improving your entire home’s appearance. As your custom kitchen designer in Oakton, we can help you design your perfect kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Expansions

If your family is growing and getting just a little too big for your galley kitchen, expanding the kitchen into the living room can do wonders to add a little extra elbow room. Depending on the size of your expansion, this can often be accomplished without sacrificing too much of the surrounding areas of your home. Consult your kitchen designer in Oakton for the best way to expand your kitchen without taking up too much of your living area.

Custom Cabinetry Installation

Customizing your kitchen cabinets to accommodate your family’s storage needs allows you to achieve a perfect combination of smart design and functionality. As a kitchen remodeling contractor in Oakton, we have a number of cabinetry options which allows us to design storage space built specifically for each of our clients’ needs.  We offer a variety of styles of cabinets that add warmth, beauty, functionality, and elegance to your home. Whether you like glass pane cabinets, solid wood, or open shelving, our team of designers will make sure your kitchen becomes the space of your dreams.

We work closely with a select  number of companies to provide cabinetry for our Northern Virginia kitchen and bath remodeling projects. After evaluating numerous cabinetry manufacturers, we hand selected three that best represent our commitment to quality and value. Buying directly from the cabinetmaker removes the unnecessary added mark-up of the go-between showroom providing a higher quality cabinet at a lower cost – something most contractors can’t offer their clients.

More information on our preferred partner companies who provide exceptional kitchen cabinetry directly to our company and our clients:

  • Cabico: Over the last 25 years, Cabico has become one of North America’s leading manufacturers of high-end custom cabinetry. More than 250 artisans, woodworkers and dedicated employees make up their team. Based in the small town of Coaticook in southern Quebec—within easy reach of most major North American cities—they have carved out a niche through their dedication to craftsmanship and service with a human touch.
  • Quality Custom Cabinetry: In 1968, Martin H. Weaver started a small kitchen manufacturing company in Brownstown, PA. This small community, in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Dutch Country, was the perfect location to produce handcrafted, custom kitchens. Generations of highly skilled woodworkers and craftsmen in the area traced their heritage to England, Germany, Holland, and France. Today, under the name Quality Custom Cabinetry, Inc. (QCCI), Martin H. Weaver’s dream lives on. Still family owned by his son-in-law, Glenn Good, and his son, Jerry Weaver, the cabinet shop employs more than 100 craftsmen and craftswomen and is the top choice for some of the most prestigious designers in the nation.
  • Marsh Cabinetry: Over the last century, Marsh has produced quality products at an exceptional value. Located in High Point, North Carolina Marsh builds on the tradition of making quality furniture for the kitchen and bath. For generations, Marsh employees have produced quality kitchen and bath cabinets at a competitive price. From the selection of the wood to the finishing process, they are committed to building products that meet and exceed your expectations and they pride themselves on being American made.

Come Renovate Happy With Us – Kitchen Designer in Oakton VA

Synergy Design & Construction is a kitchen remodeling contractor in Oakton. We offer a unique approach to home building and renovation. We use a design-build method, which means we not only design your renovation project but we build it, too. This means the entire renovation is managed by one company and ensures the project meets your vision and budget from start to finish.

You are at the center of your kitchen renovation project. We work with you every step of the way to see your renovation come to life, and we make your satisfaction and happiness our first priority. We fully believe the building and renovation process should be fun and the end result should be a space that promotes positivity and happiness while sticking true to your vision. If you’re looking for a custom kitchen designer in Oakton VA, contact us today at (703) 766-6333 to get started.