Home Additions in Oakton

best home additions in Oakton va

Your home should be a place where you and your family feel happy, safe, and comfortable. Many homeowners know the value of completing a home renovation to improve a space. When your home’s design isn’t where you want it to be, it can make your home feel like nothing more than a house. Maybe you feel like there’s a piece missing, something you can add to your home to make it perfect. Maybe your family is growing and you need to rethink your home’s layout to avoid bumping elbows. Or perhaps you simply feel it’s time for a big change!

No matter your reason, if you want to change around the layout of your home and give some rooms in your house more space, complete a home addition project with Synergy Design & Construction! We can help you complete a variety of home addition projects that can give you the results you want. Even small changes and renovation projects can increase the space of many of your rooms. Do you want a bigger kitchen? Knock down the wall separating the kitchen and the living room. Need another bathroom? Add on to the extra space in your basement that you don’t use.

Is your goal for your home to expand its overall square footage and add onto your house horizontally? The biggest challenge for homeowners in Oakton who want to complete a home addition is to add onto their home while working with limited space. Oakton boasts a diverse set of lot types, and although larger lots like farmland or grassy suburban areas are available, the area has more than its fair share of small lot sizes, especially in some of its more city-like areas.

Synergy is dedicated to finding creative solutions to space limitations. We can help guide the home addition process and best work with your lot size to increase your yard’s overall area without compromising too much of your yard. We are experts at rearranging the interior of your home and giving you the layout you desire, even on small lots.

No matter how you want to expand your home or add onto your existing rooms, trust Synergy Design & Construction! We are proud to offer expert home addition and renovation services in Oakton.

Come Renovate Happy With Us

At Synergy, we offer a unique approach to home building and renovation. We use a design-build method, which means that we not only design your renovation project but we build it, too. This helps keep the entire renovation in one place and ensures the project will meet your vision from start to finish.

You are at the center of your home addition or renovation project. We work with you every step of the way to see your addition or renovation come to life, and we make your satisfaction and happiness our first priority. Not only do we design and build your renovation or addition project, but we go the extra mile and perform interior alignment in the renovated space. Interior alignment means to use Feng Shui and space-clearing principles to improve your home’s interior. We will arrange the interior of your home to make sure the space promotes the free flow of positive energy.

We fully believe that the building and renovation process should be fun and the end result should be a space that promotes positivity and happiness while sticking true to your vision. If you’re looking to complete a home addition project in Oakton, contact us today at (703) 766-6333 to get started.