Reston Services in 20190


Custom Basement Renovations

Every house’s basement is unique. Some are just storage spaces or dumping grounds for all the things you have no need of any more, while others are custom made to suit the homeowner’s hobbies and interests.  If you dream of an entertaining space, want to create a theater room, or need an extra bedroom or bathroom for guests, custom basements are within reach. Learn more about our custom basement renovations in 20190.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling

Everyone wants a kitchen that represents their personality. Custom kitchens are designed with your tastes in mind, so you get the functionality of the space you want with the look you love. Learn more about our custom kitchen remodeling in 20190.

Kitchen Design and Build

If kitchen design is on your mind, we’re the team for you. We work closely with each client throughout the entire process of kitchen design and build process to create a space that works for you. Learn more about our kitchen design and build services in 20190.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

When kitchen remodeling project is a must, you need a kitchen remodeling contractors that can take on the task of your renovation. Kitchen remodeling contractors will help you think through every detail from planning to installation and beyond. Your ideas should work together with their experience so you get the best results for your kitchen remodel. Learn more about our kitchen remodeling contractors in 20190.

Kitchen Renovation

Your family, friends and guests alike all gravitate to your home’s kitchen for good meals and great conversation. Your kitchen is truly a key part of your home and since we all spend much of our lives there, it’s important to make this space as appealing and inviting as possible. If your kitchen’s appearance isn’t exactly as nice as you would like or you’re longing to have that open concept you’ve always dreamed of, a kitchen renovation can really transform the space! Learn more about our kitchen renovations in 20190.

Basement Renovation

When you think of a basement, what comes to mind? A cold, dark space you only dare enter when you need to retrieve something from storage? The last stop for that piece of furniture you’ve been holding on to since your first apartment? Sadly, in many homes, this is exactly what becomes of the basement. However, other homeowners who are looking to create the home of their dreams have bigger plans for their basement. Make that square footage of your basement work for you and stop letting it be a waste of valuable space. Learn more about our basement remodeling in 20190.

Whole Home Renovation

As a homeowner, maybe you’re living in your long-term home, but it’s starting to show it’s age and it’s time to remodel. In Northern Virginia’s competitive housing market, finding another house to purchase that meets all of your expectations can seem next to impossible. If you can’t find it, love what you’ve got and create that perfect space exactly as you want it. A complete home remodel can truly transform your entire home into the space you’ve always wanted. Learn more about our full home renovations in 20190.

Custom Kitchen Design

Kitchens are the heart of the home. Late night snacks, family dinners and recipe experiments all happen in the kitchen. Custom designing your kitchen with Synergy creates a space for what’s most important to you; whether that’s a welcoming atmosphere, gorgeous kitchen cabinetry or a sense of balance. Synergy Design and Construction offers a full service design-build remodeling experience. Although we do not provide design only services, our interior designers work hand-in-hand with you on your kitchen remodel to create the perfect space. Learn more about our custom kitchen designer in 20190.