Custom Kitchen Design in Sterling VA

It looks easy enough on the reality TV shows, so you might be thinking remodeling your kitchen just needs a good design eye and a general contractor. However, the importance of a great interior designer who knows all about space planning and cabinetry layout can never be understated. Although we do not provide custom kitchen design as a stand-alone service, we have an in-house team of Interior Designers who partner with you on everything from which cabinetry goes where, to the layout of your new kitchen to all of the materials you will use for your kitchen remodel. Our carpenters are also in-house members of our team, so there is a seamless handoff between teams when it comes time for the construction phase of your project and you have one company to hold to account.

Kitchen Design

You’ve had it with the layout of your kitchen and you’re ready for a total redesign.  A complete kitchen layout change is a bigger project than a simple kitchen upgrade, but it can have an amazing impact on  improving your entire home’s appearance and how you feel about your space.  Redesigning your kitchen requires moving not only the things you can see (the cabinetry, countertops and appliance, etc), it also requires changing what’s going on behind the walls and impacts plumbing, electrical and mechanical layouts. This is where our expertise as a home remodeling company who takes care of  both the design and build comes in! We work with you to figure out the new design plans and take care of all the details for you so you don’t have to! As your custom kitchen designer in Reston, we can help you design your perfect kitchen – and build it for you, too!

Open Concept Kitchens

If your family is growing and getting just a little too big for your galley kitchen or you crave a more open kitchen concept, we can help! Creating a more open concept and expanding into another room such as the Dining Room or Living Room can make your main level feel more spacious – without the cost of an addition to do it!  Our experienced custom kitchen design team will evaluate your space and provide you with options for your kitchen remodel. We’ll also determine if there are load bearing walls in your space and what can be done to remove them if possible or keep them with creative ideas on how to achieve that open concept you want.

Custom Cabinetry

You don’t have to go full on custom when it comes to cabinetry.  We have a number of cabinetry options we can present to you so you can make an informed choice about how you want your custom kitchen to look.  We offer a variety of styles of cabinets that add warmth, beauty, functionality and elegance to your home. Whether you like glass pane cabinets, solid wood or open shelving, our team of interior designers work with you on the perfect kitchen design and look that reflects your personal aesthetic.

We work closely with a select  number of companies to provide cabinetry for our Northern Virginia kitchen and bath remodeling projects. After evaluating numerous cabinetry manufacturers, we hand selected those that best represent our commitment to quality and value. Buying directly from the cabinetmaker removes the unnecessary added mark-up of the go-between showroom providing a higher quality cabinet at a lower cost – something most contractors can’t offer their clients.

More information on our preferred partner companies who provide exceptional kitchen cabinetry directly to our company and our clients:

  • Cabico: Over the last 25 years, Cabico has become one of North America’s leading manufacturers of high-end custom cabinetry. More than 250 artisans, woodworkers and dedicated employees make up their team. Based in the small town of Coaticook in southern Quebec—within easy reach of most major North American cities—they have carved out a niche through their dedication to craftsmanship and service with a human touch.
  • Quality Custom Cabinetry: In 1968, Martin H. Weaver started a small kitchen manufacturing company in Brownstown, PA. This small community, in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Dutch Country, was the perfect location to produce handcrafted, custom kitchens. Generations of highly skilled woodworkers and craftsmen in the area traced their heritage to England, Germany, Holland, and France. Today, under the name Quality Custom Cabinetry, Inc. (QCCI), Martin H. Weaver’s dream lives on. Still family owned by his son-in-law, Glenn Good, and his son, Jerry Weaver, the cabinet shop employs more than 100 craftsmen and craftswomen and is the top choice for some of the most prestigious designers in the nation.
  • Budget Friendly Cabinetry: We also partner with a number of other manufacturers who produce quality products at exceptional value. From competitively priced kitchen cabinets to pocket book friendly options for guest bathrooms, laundry and mudrooms, we work with you every step of the way to find the right choice for you.

Come Renovate Happy With Us – Kitchen Designer in Reston

At Synergy, we offer a full service approach to home remodeling. We use a design-build method, which means we not only design your remodel but we build it, too. This means one point of accountability for you and less stress during the home remodeling process.

We believe in the power of partnership and work with you every step of the way to not only bring your vision of your space to life, but ensure you stay on-budget and on-time.

Want to go deeper? Not only do we design and build your renovation project, we go the extra mile and perform interior alignment in the renovated space. Interior alignment means using Feng Shui and space-clearing principles to improve your home’s interior to make sure the space promotes the free flow of positive energy.

We truly believe the home renovation process should be fun and we work hard to keep it as stress-free as possible. If you’re looking for a kitchen remodeler in Reston, contact us today at (703) 766-6333 to get started.