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Working with Mark and Mina was unbelievable. My background is in consulting and Project Management has been something that’s really important to me. I have been so impressed with the Project Management aspects of what they do. Just like I don’t like to surprise my clients, Synergy and their team never surprised me. They were always on schedule and while not everything always went 100% according to plan, they always let me know and kept me informed. The reaction and response was fantastic. Communication with clients is very important and they understand that. They get it and they deliver it. So, I was very, very pleased.

I have a 60-year-old house and a 60-year-old garage. It was completely unheated, concrete floors, cinder block walls, cold, bird and mouse infested, and all the above for many, many years. Now, it’s insulated. It has a loft. It has sky lights and new windows. It is heated and air conditioned and I have the most wonderful workshop as well as a den with a TV and desk. That’s where I spend most of my moments and it’s where I want to retire, is in my garage. So, to Mark and Mina and the entire Synergy team, congratulations for everything and thank you for everything you’ve done for us

Tom & Robin
McLean, VA | February 2017

This could be one of the most unusual testimonials that you’ll ever hear for Synergy Design & Construction because we didn’t actually use them (which is why we ended up having a train wreck of a renovation)!

When we first reached out to Mina and Mark, we were blown away! They were awesome but they weren’t available in our timeframe and we thought, with as great as they are, we can pick someone else and you know what, they’ll probably be just fine. So, we picked a contractor, who we eventually had to fire because he did terrible work. Fortunately, Mark and Mina, even though we hadn’t picked them, were nice enough to help us understand where this contractor had gone wrong and eventually we ended up suing that person to remedy all the things we paid for that hadn’t been done right.

In hindsight, we wished we had used Synergy’s Renovation Roadmap, because the road we took had a whole bunch of pit stops in seedy places with run-down restrooms and big potholes. It was a mess. Now in the end, thanks to their help, we ended up with a great solution and great outcome so to say that we greatly value what Synergy does would be an understatement.

Ian & Deborah
Rockville, MD | February 2017

home additions in reston-va

One tremendous thing about the process that Synergy uses is that everything is scoped out in great detail before you begin; before you even think about the contract. They have a very detailed set of milestones and understanding of what’s going to happen, who is going to be in your home, and how your home is going to be taken care of. It’s not the more usual process of “Here’s your problem, here’s what it will cost to fix it, and get out of my way.” They really come in and do a lot of hand holding which was a great thing for me because I was hardly ever here and I needed someone I could trust to work on my home and be in my house with my wife and children. I really trusted that they are taking care of us.

What was especially nice was that everything was clean when I came home every night. They took time to clean everything every day and didn’t have boards and tools lying around everywhere. Everything went extremely smoothly. Everything was done on time, and in fact, ahead of schedule by a week or two! There were absolutely no surprises when it came to payment or changes. Obviously there were some aspects of the house that were unexpected but when those problems and issues came up and we had to change the plan, it was done very quickly without added expense. The process was much smoother than I ever could have expected.

Synergy does better job than any other contractor I’ve dealt with in my life because they really work with you to provide you with exactly what you want. They’re not selling some pre-fabricated solution. It’s customized. They take the time to get to know you as a person, to understand what you want, and then deliver it in spades. Obviously, you can go with someone just doing the kind of renovation that would be done just as needed to sell the house, but what we paid for with Synergy is someone who worked with us to design something we love living in for a long time. We plan to be here many years and think they delivered on the value and more.

Craig & Erin
Reston, VA | February 2017

Synergy built for us an addition with a sitting room, powder room, master bedroom, walk-in closet and master bath.

We were told by someone who had worked with Synergy in the past that they were fanatical about detail. He was right. From planning to construction, oversight of the subcontractors, coordination with the County and taking care of our needs and worries, they were totally on the ball.

A relative who works on renovations in California told me to check on the construction every night to see that the windows and doors were installed according to the plans. Each night, I found the measurements were exact, everything that was to be level was level, to be plumb was plumb. Great carpentry.

The subcontractors all showed up for when they were scheduled and stayed into the evening to complete their work, overseen by the lead carpenter. If a problem arose, it was immediately taken care of.

The office staff spend a great deal of time helping us in picking out tile, bathroom fixtures, lighting and colors of paint. We actually changed our minds on the colors for our sitting room, the room was repainted with no problem, and we could not be happier with the results.

The project was completed exactly on time. When they say they really want you to be happy with the results of their work, they mean it. Every person on staff was terrific.

Paul & Doris
Arlington, VA | November 20, 2016

When we were thinking about doing a remodeling project, we had a lot of questions about who we were going to put our trust and faith in. Although someone’s experience is certainly important, you have to listen to your gut about whether or not there’s a connection. We wanted to get a sense of what the people and culture were about, and honestly, from our every first interaction, we knew Synergy wasn’t just trying to get our business – they were only interested in working with us if they were the right fit for what we needed.

That approach established trust from the beginning. We didn’t want this to be a vendor relationship and we wanted to make sure that whoever did the work, really got what we were doing and understood what we were trying to accomplish. So, when we had our initial meeting and they came back with exactly the things Maggy and I have talked about for two years. It was a no-brainer for us. We really do believe that home is where your heart is and it is so clear how much heart the entire Synergy team put into our home, it comes through, it really does.

Matt & Maggy
Chantilly, VA | October 2016

The communications throughout the entire project from Mark and Mina and the entire team is why I would recommend Synergy. Synergy was the only one of three choices that offered design services. We knew we wanted and needed it and it was worth the cost. The result was having a space that accommodates ALL of our needs and desires.

I’ve said it before, “Renovate Happy” is not just marketing for Synergy, it seems to be a mission statement. When you know what to expect and the construction team keeps to the time table and the milestones the process is smooth. And when you can ask all the questions you want and get answers then it really is an unexpectedly great experience.

What surprised me the most is, again, the team and the communication. The weekly meetings were all substantive and placed us on a firm footing as to where we were and what’s next.

Sam & Karen
Arlington, VA | February 19, 2016


Every aspect from planning through completion was well managed. All the typical problems that arise in such a large construction project were handled by Synergy staff. They constantly asked if we had any concerns and would handle them immediately. I can’t conceive of better service. They made the experience as painless as it could possibly be.

Well-managed and considerate of our concurrent living conditions. Great management of dust, debris, and noise. Staff was always available and responsive. I was impressed with how easy it was to work with Synergy as every team member was nice and considerate. Also, I was surprised how Synergy stayed on schedule regardless of my delays. This was the largest construction project I’ve ever had done and I can’t think of anything else they could have done to improve the experience. Five out of five stars!

Rick & Linda
Burke, VA | December 21, 2015

We were working with an Interior Designer who recommended Synergy. She said, she had seen them in a client’s home while they were installing a shelf as part of the renovation. When it wasn’t absolutely perfect they took it out and did it again, and I said, ‘that is a contractor I want to work with’!

After meeting with them, we thought that they had the best attitude, the best presentation, and we had no idea when we chose them, how good they were going to be. They turned out to way exceed our expectations. When they say they will do anything to make sure that you’re happy with the result, they’re absolutely right, they do.

One of the things we really liked about Synergy was, they curate their list of vendors so if you’re going to need a plumber on your job, they’re going to bring in the plumber they work with that they think is the best. And as they put it, in one of our pre-meetings, if we’re giving that plumber $200,000 worth of business in the course of a year, when we tell him 6 months out, 4 weeks out, 2 weeks out, call him the day before to confirm he’s going to be there, he’s going to show up and show up on time.

At 8 o’clock you could rely on them being there and not only was the crew there, but so was our Synergy person in charge. Drake took complete charge of the job. We didn’t have to worry about dealing with subcontractors. He knew what they were doing all the time and he worked with us beautifully.

I wish I had six more houses and if I did I would renovate them all and I would use Synergy.

June & Terry
Reston, VA | August 11, 2015

After photo of living room and stairs remodeled in Reston, VA

My wife and I had been considering doing a major renovation to our Reston townhome for a long time. As our kids began to get older and move on to college, we couldn’t wait to create the open floor plan and master suite we’ve always wanted.

We met with Synergy, really felt comfortable with Mark and Mina, and knew their team would take great care of us. We had a budget in mind, and when their initial estimate came in, we were afraid we might be paying too much. We took a step back, talked to some other folks (including their competitors) and quickly realized we had made the right choice from the very beginning.

Not only did Synergy provide the value we were looking for, they really made us feel as if we were the only project they had taken on. From both Emily and Mina helping us with all the material selections (including furniture, artwork, and window treatments), to Tom, Matt, Drake and Lonnie in the field making sure everything was just the way we wanted it. Not only was it completed in the way we wanted it, but often times they went above and beyond what we expected. Their attention to detail is second to none.

The communication was impeccable and the experience was incredible, Mark and Mina genuinely cared about us and made us feel like we were their most important customer. Everything you read about Synergy in their testimonial section is true and then some. We’ve already recommended them to our friends who were having a terrible experience with another contractor and they’ve stepped in to save the day.

If you’re lucky enough to come across this company in your search for a professional remodeling firm, look no further, you’ve found your match!

Bob & Kristie
Reston, VA | June 12, 2015

We chose Synergy when we were looking to have our basement redone, we asked the people we trusted as to who they would use, and Synergy came up more than any others. In doing any home remodeling, we want to do the best job possible, so we picked the best. When we talked to Mina and Mark, and had them look at our space, they had the right vision and were able to capture exactly what we wanted.

In looking at what Synergy had provided to us, I was frankly a little skeptical that their Renovation Roadmap™ would work but low and behold it surpassed all my expectations from start to finish. They hit every mark, they were on-time, they were neat, and they were clean. I had no problems in anything that they did. They came to us when even they saw something wrong to fix it, which I would have never caught. It was the most professional, best renovation that I’ve ever seen done, and I would highly recommend them to anyone. The Renovation Roadmap™ worked from start to finish.

When we did our renovations it was right around the Thanksgiving time frame and went through the Christmas and New Years holidays. With the preparation they put into the project and the thoughtfulness of putting together the roadmap, we didn’t have to worry about whether the work was going to get done during the holidays. We could concentrate on having fun with our families and not have to worry that the noise of the project was going to get in the way, or that there’d be a number of workers, or that they would vanish during critical times. They were there, they were professional, and they did the job right. We didn’t even know they were there half the time! We would sneak down to take a look and we couldn’t believe how much work they did, it was like elves came in the middle of the night and did it over the holidays. It was a great, great process.

Tim & Susan
Sterling, VA | January 22, 2015

We had what I would like to term as a one-butt kitchen. That meant that only one person could be in there at a time, we had a peninsula island in the kitchen, so if my daughter and I were cooking together and one of us opened the dishwasher and the other one opened the oven door, you were land locked and you couldn’t get out. If you were trying to maneuver for a party, only one person could be in that kitchen at a time. It was frustrating.

After Synergy came in, they were able to open up the space in a way that we never envisioned. We weren’t sure whether or not we would be able to achieve spacious feel we wanted because our kitchen wasn’t very wide. They opened it up and put an island in. They relocated appliances in ways that were more convenient and easy to use. It was magnificent. We can’t believe the design we got from them.

The whole experience in our kitchen and deck renovation was painless. It was easy. They make what they are doing fun. It was exciting every day to come home and see all of the different changes they had done. If something didn’t quite go right, they were on it before we even knew about it. We didn’t even have to ask a question. We would walk in, take a look at something and go, wow I can’t believe how they handled that. They were fantastic. I love the care, and the passion that Mina and Mark have for what they do. They want to make sure, from start to finish, that you’re pleased with the product. When they’re done, when it’s ready for use, they’re not done. They come back continuously. Are you ok? How do you like it? Can we come back in and take a look to see how things have settled? They are literally concerned about how the warmer weather in the summer, and cooler weather in the winter, will impact the renovation. If they see something slightly out of place, they’ll come in and fix it without hesitation. I can’t say enough about Synergy and the work they do.

Cate & Dave
Reston, VA | November 26, 2014

The quirky “Renovate Happy” slogan is no joke. You really can renovate without the hassle and headaches. The Synergy Team took care of everything while renovating our newly purchased 1950s house. It has been transformed into a home we are proud to show off to our friends and neighbors. They truly helped us attain our vision transforming a diamond in the rough. The finished project exceeded our expectations, as did the management of the process.

The attention to detail was astonishing as well as the personalized service. Mina kept detailed notes of all our meetings and truly understood our priorities as well as aesthetic. The whole team made us feel like we were their primary focus throughout the entire process. We were on a tight timeline, made all the more difficult by our “add-ons” throughout the project, and Synergy delivered and never once made us feel like we were asking too much. Their focus is truly on customer satisfaction.

The online Renovation Roadmap tool helped us to feel a part of the process even though we were not able to be on site each day. Also, knowing that Matt and Lonnie were on-site each day put our minds at ease. Communication was excellent throughout the process and not only do we have a “Contractor for Life”, but we also have gained some great friends.

Ali & Keith
Alexandria, VA | October 15, 2014

After photo of hall bath remodel in Alexandria, VA
kitchen remodeling company

My wife and I were living in London when we contacted Synergy. Our Arlington townhome had been rented for the past 18 years and needed to be completely remodeled top to bottom. We chose Synergy because we knew they would take care of everything from the design to the construction, and we couldn’t be happier!

The whole feeling as I sit, stand or walk through our place is one of comfort – a place that is easy on the eye, soothing but not a museum piece that we admire but do not use. We have something to enjoy.

This is in large part because during the design phase, they suggested taking down a wall on the main level to reorient the kitchen and make use of the entire first floor in an open concept plan. We are so glad we took their suggestion. Now instead of feeling cramped in the back end of our house, we are able to use all of the space and the result is a clean, contemporary feel that we never could have envisioned.

Not only did the design work perfectly, but also the construction phase was timely and professional. One of the things that really put my mind at ease was how well Synergy’s entire team communicated with us. It started before we made it back to the U.S. and continued through every phase of the project. They lead me through the daunting task of choosing all the materials by taking me to showrooms (even helped me choose furniture) and I was never left wondering what was happening or what was next.

If you are looking for a full-service, exceptional remodeling experience, you couldn’t find a better team of people that truly care about you and your needs. Thank you again Synergy for making this major renovation such an easy process.

Stephen & Anita
Arlington, VA | June 10, 2014

We used Synergy for our kitchen and family room remodel. We moved to our new house in June 2013. We had a vision for our new house and we wanted a company that could make that dream come true. We have worked with many companies in the past and we have never seen a company like this before. Their professionalism and design ideas were top of the line. They were always accessible and timely. Each team member took pride in what they were doing and they respected all of our needs. It was a pleasure working with Synergy and we look forward to working with them again. I will continue recommending them no matter what the project size is.

Kendra & Tom
Reston, VA | August 7, 2013

Our Kitchen/Great Room renovation is complete and Synergy’s design and construction teams absolutely blew us away with their attention to detail and customer service. To be fair, it is not possible to completely convey our level of satisfaction in a short review. When is the last time you worked with a team of professionals whose standards for excellence exceed your own? Without fail, when we would raise a potential issue with Synergy, we would find out they had already noticed it and created a plan to address it. Think about that for a moment: not push-back, not an attempt to avoid extra work by saying there is no issue… Instead, reassurance that they are holding themselves to a standard that is higher than your own. Simply put, that never happens. Yet with Synergy it is just the way they work.

When their level of craftsmanship (which is nothing short of uniformly excellent) is married with Synergy’s ability to design and deliver breathtaking spaces, the result redefines what renovating can and should be. We could not be more satisfied and impressed with our new Kitchen/Great Room.

Synergy gets our highest possible recommendation on all facets of design and construction.

Rich & Brooke
Ashburn, VA | June 17, 2013

As a very busy executive and mother of 4 boys, it boiled down to one thing for me – I just didn’t have the time! I needed a company that was going to coordinate AND manage the details and not just the big ones, but also all of the little ones that go along with a remodeling project.

Synergy Design and Construction were wonderful to work with – their team is extremely detail orientated and customer focused! They took their time and provided their expert guidance to help me navigate my way through making design decisions, then handled the construction with that same level of personal attention.

I always felt that our renovation was Synergy’s most important project and they far exceeded my expectations! What can I say…I LOVE MY NEW KITCHEN!

Tina & Andy
Leesburg, VA | June 22, 2012

When we bought our home in 2005, we knew it needed a complete kitchen remodel. It took us several years to decide on a design concept, and our list of must-haves was lengthy. We knew the project would be well beyond our own capabilities to manage, but we didn’t want to entrust the process to just anyone. That’s where Synergy came in.

From the moment we met Mina, Mark and their team, we knew they were our choice. They took the time to understand our taste, our lifestyle, and our personalities, and helped us bring a very lofty vision to life. They communicated with us every step of the way, helped us manage through the inevitable bumps in the road, and ultimately delivered to us a jaw-dropping, stunning kitchen that made us fall in love with our home all over again. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the result, nor the experience we had working with Synergy.

Amy & Steve
Leesburg, VA | October 25, 2011

My husband and I engaged Synergy to help us plan our custom home construction project. We were debating between design/build and hiring an architect. We were also speaking directly with builders. Their team was deeply knowledgeable about the entire process and very professional throughout. We are completely convinced they saved us from making a major misstep in our construction project.

In addition, each member of the Synergy team was a pleasure to deal with.  We continue to use them as a trusted and valuable resource for our home’s projects and I would not hesitate to recommend engaging them for your project.

Rachel & Michael
Arlington, VA | May 6, 2011

Basement remodel with bar area and living room in Ashburn, VA

It has been two and a half months since our kitchen and attached screened porch were completed and we still cannot believe that this is our space! We would not change one thing! The Synergy team took our three pages of random notes and turned them in to the kitchen and porch of our dreams. They are true professionals! From the initial design phase to the selection process to the final installation they were with us all the way. They listened to us and were able to reach inside our heads, help us envision what we wanted and turned that vision into reality…The most important thing – they truly cared about us and our project and it showed. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Sam & Liz
Springfield, VA | February 4, 2011

Well first let us just say “Wow,” we LOVE our new kitchen. Every time we slice apples or make chili on our magnificent stove, we feel lucky! The craftsmanship is excellent and we can tell the design will hold up gorgeously against years of energetic use.

With this being our first major home renovation, we really did not know what to expect. Synergy D&C helped make this project so easy and seamless, while at the same time providing TLC to our new kitchen. From our initial consultation with Synergy to our final walk through, we felt 100% in-tuned and satisfied with Mina and the Synergy team.

Synergy took the time to fully understand and help implement our kitchen design with our personal style throughout the house, while staying within our budget. They made this happen by sitting down with us and understanding us as individuals and as a couple. This helped to ensure our kitchen design vision was clear.

We now have a beautiful kitchen that we can show off to our family and friends. We also have developed a great new relationship on a business and personal level with the entire Synergy D&C team.

Not only did Synergy D&C educate us throughout the process; they respected and included us in every decision. They are extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, highly skilled and experienced and we have recommended them to everyone we know.

Ski & David
Washington, D.C. | October 9, 2010

Synergy D&C played a key role to make our entire home renovation as successful, enjoyable and painless as possible. From the very first inquiry to the end of the process, it was a joy to work with Mina, Mark and their excellent team of professionals. Their level of professionalism, experience, timeliness, straight forwardness and certainly sense of humor helped us learn and easily navigate through what could have been a complex and potentially frustrating process. We are now enjoying our newly renovated home and if we ever have to renovate another house we would undoubtedly work with them again.

Mariana & Juan Jose
Alexandria, VA | September 18, 2010

Now that the renovation of our kitchen is complete and we have had the opportunity to use it to its fullest, I wanted to pass along to you our thanks for helping us achieve our goal of having an outstanding updated kitchen and tell you what a pleasure it was to have worked with Synergy D&C. Starting with the beginning of our process, through the contract negotiations, and all throughout the project, you and your team were professional, thorough, and most of all, easy to work with.

You delivered exactly what you promised painlessly! We will be adding your firm to our neighborhood contractor referral list, as we are pleased to share our positive experience with others.

Linda & Chuck
Leesburg, VA | August 16, 2010

Thank you to the Synergy team for all the great work on designing our perfect European kitchen. We certainly put everyone to the test, deciding to undertake this project while five months pregnant – with twins! Not only did Synergy work with us to ensure the project was completed on time, they stuck to it despite an unforeseen electrical set back (which is just as well as the twins decided to arrive 6 ½ weeks early….) We are very happy with our new contemporary but family friendly kitchen and love the clean lines, large island, and beautiful tile. Our twin girls love it too but have yet to make us dinner!

Nicola & Tom
Reston, VA | July 28, 2010

I am so glad I called Synergy D&C for help. We had gone around and around imagining how to renovate our kitchen for years. Synergy provided the service that enabled us to get going and actually do it. … Working with Mark and Mina was a pleasure from start to finish. Each is responsive, down to earth, professional and personable. I always felt like our satisfaction was their first priority. We kept working with the design until we knew it was right for us. They stayed in touch with the job as it was being built and indeed caught a problem that we were not aware of, ensuring that it got corrected in a timely manner. Mark went the extra mile with a vendor when a product was not as expected so that we received credit for it and ended up with something more to our liking.

We wholeheartedly recommend Synergy’s services to anyone needing help with a design project.

The kitchen is built and we love it!

Anne & Dennis
Reston, VA | November 29, 2009

I would like to thank Synergy D&C for the fantastic job done on the design and architecture of our recently completed finished basement. We asked Mina and her team to come up with a contemporary design that would create a real “Wow” factor for everyone who enters the basement, and would truly make the basement a lower living space rather than just a basement. The design that Synergy came up with accomplished that in spades! From the overall layout, to the architectural details, to the products recommended for that extra special look, everything was perfect! And, we especially appreciated the attention and oversight provided by Synergy during the construction phase as changes were made along the way. We could not be happier with the outcome since we achieved our goal – every guest who has entered our lower level has exclaimed “WOW!

Jeff & Geri
Ashburn, VA | November 25, 2009

Mina helped design the remodeling of our basement– a complicated project which involved dropping the level of the floors (digging out) so that we no longer crouch under 6’ high ceilings and crack our heads on the heat vents, but rather can stand straight and proud and barely touch the ceilings; moving an HVAC unit away from the center of the room (and the subsequent rearranging of venting); sticking to a tight budget; attempting to realize pipe dreams, and working with a self-identified “high maintenance” client. Oh. And we signed the paperwork hours before we left the country for three months–it was all to start while we were away. She did a wonderful job. Period. She did a wonderful job with listening, and looking at the rest of our house to see what we are all about, she did a wonderful job then with the design, (both in making suggestions and in making our ideas come to life), as well as with helping us find contractors that were right for the job (in our case, not the first people that we met with–and though we didn’t know it wasn’t a good match, she did, and for that reason, we hired her). We trusted her from the start, and rightly so. We feel that she was on our side, and though we know that we were paying clients, we really felt that a primary goal for her was to see us happy in the end. We are very happy with the way the basement turned out and with the work of the contractors, who were a pleasure to have in our home daily for many months. We appreciate Mina’s help. She went the extra mile to make sure that the basement turned out in a way that reflected our personal style. Any future work we will be lucky enough to undertake, will be with Mina, if she will have us!

Suzanne & Thomas
Arlington, VA | March 18, 2009

Let us help you create the home of your dreams!