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Social Distancing & Home Remodeling

By March 27, 2020May 18th, 20202 Comments
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We’re almost into our third month of social distancing in this area, and we’re all doing our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. You might think it’s an odd time to think about a home remodel during a health crisis, but we have been hearing from people working from home and self-isolating who tell us they have started to focus with laser-like precision on the things in their home that just don’t work – from the lack of a dedicated home office space to the aging kitchen that is just too cramped. Let’s face it, being confined in one place with the entire family for a long period of time is a sure-fire way to get you thinking how you’d like to change things up!

Construction is considered an essential business service, so we’re still open, working hard and employing innovative tools to continue to deliver our same excellent customer service and beautiful home remodels, while keeping our team and clients safe.

Virtual Interior Design

There’s good news! Design comes first, then construction – and in the current low-contact environment that is a good thing. Our typical preliminary design time usually takes 8 to 12 weeks. We pride ourselves in our innovative approach, and that’s why we already have built-in capability to complete home remodels remotely.   We have done this in the past for families living out of the area, or in the process of relocation. We can partner with you on the design phase of your home remodel now while keeping our physical distance thanks to the online tools we have developed and the wonders of video conferencing.

Virtual Selections and Samples

During the next phase of the project (we call it design development on our project roadmap), is when you select all the materials that will be used in your home remodel. All of our partners are reputable businesses in the area who are following CDC guidelines for health and safety. We can limit the number of interactions you have with others with specific appointments at local showrooms or, if you aren’t comfortable with coming into even limited contact with others, we can video conference you in to help you make decisions on the finishes for your remodel. All of our other deliverables from selection sheets to finish schedules can be managed over email and online tools.

Social Distancing During Construction

When it comes to the construction phase of your remodeling project, having people in your home is probably an issue that causes you concern right now. We’ve always taken measures to protect the health and safety of our team and our clients. A dedicated Lead Carpenter (a Synergy employee) manages all the moving pieces of your project, and interacts with the rest of the team so you don’t have to. In addition, the following measures all help ensure social distancing during your home remodel as well as making every day good hygiene sense.

  • Handwashing and sanitization stations at the entrance to our job sites
  • A 3-stage HEPA filtration air purifier is run on the job site to reduce viruses, germs and dust particles in the air
  • Dust barriers with zippered doors that separate the construction site from the rest of the home
  • A screened portable toilet so our carpenters do not use your bathroom
  • Organized and efficiently run job sites keep things clean
  • Close partnership with our trade partners to ensure our job site standards are upheld
  • Thermometer checks to ensure anyone with an elevated temperature is not allowed on the job site

If you’ve been thinking of a home or kitchen remodel for a while but recent events have you wondering how it would be possible in the current climate, give us a call to talk through your options. We’re in this together and happy to discuss how we plan for your project now. Virtually, of course!

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  • Lynn Jordan says:

    I found you on Nextdoor in Reston/ Great Falls. I’m still wondering what the description of a transitional kitchen is. I wrote you before and you said you have it on your website. Now there’s another offer to explain this, so I logged on or clicked the boxes, and I’m still trying to find the description of a transitional kitchen! Why are you hiding this from me? Or should I say, where are you hiding this from me? Can you give me a link to go directly to the description?

  • Mina Fies says:

    Hi Lynn! Nice to hear from you again. We responded to you a few weeks ago with direct links and you said you’d got it but posting here again so the information is right at your fingertips! Here is a link to a free webinar we held last month explaining what transitional kitchen design is and how to achieve the look : You can access this and many other resources any time from our “Resources” page -> In addition, here is a link to a blog post from a few months ago – > Hope this helps!

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