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How to Maximize Your Basement Space

By August 1, 2017No Comments
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The basement is often an overlooked space in many homes, and many homeowners with unfinished basements go years without considering an upgrade. If you are building a new home or planning to refinish your current home’s basement, it is important to first decide what you want to get out of the space. There are many ways to maximize your basement space in Northern Virginia, but the options vary depending on its size and layout. Some of these elements are practical for larger basements, while homeowners with smaller basements may have to be more selective on which they can include.

Here are some basement remodeling ideas to help maximize your space:

  1. Family Room

For many homeowners, the primary goal of the basement is to be an extension of their family room on the main floor. Through proper selection of furniture, layout, flooring, and paint color, a once useless basement can be transformed into a room that the entire family will spend tons of time in together.

  1. Exercise Room

A spacious exercise room is a great way to get use out of basement space. Whether the entire basement is transformed into a workout studio, or just a small room within, adding an exercise room adds a lot of functionality to the space.

  1. Guest Bedroom

For basements with a spread-out or funky layout, incorporating an extra bedroom can make use of a corner room, and increase the resale value of the home in the long run. Considering the basement is often a bit separated from the main levels, there is a lot of room for creativity when it comes to designing the guest room. Choosing bold paint colors or statement light fixtures can turn a drab guest room into one that is interesting and eye-catching.

  1. Game Room

Already satisfied with your living room on the main level, and are looking for a room where you can really spread your creativity and have some fun? Then a game room is the perfect solution. Turn your basement into an escape that is only steps away.

  1. Craft Room or Hobby Workshop

Turn your unused basement space into a craft room, where you can store art supplies, musical instruments, or any other hobby materials.

Small Details Count During Basement Remodeling

Dark walls, drab carpeting, and low-hanging lighting all can make basements feel crammed and outdated. Using recessed lighting, choosing paint colors that brighten the room, and installing high-quality carpeting, hardwood flooring, or stained concrete can all make a huge different on the look and feel of the space. Even enlarging those small windows by just inches can do wonders for allowing natural light into the space.

Renovate Happy With Our Design and Build Team

If you’re like many homeowners, the basement is one of the most under-used and unnoticed areas of the house. We can help you maximize the extra square feet and make your basement a usable expansion of your home. With a little creative help from our custom basement renovation team in Northern Virginia, your basement can be the fun room you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us today to begin remodeling your unfinished basement in Northern Virginia!

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