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Finding your “Spot”: How to Restore Sanity by Carving out Your Corner

By August 7, 2012No Comments

by Mina Fies

People who know me always hear me talking about my “spot.” No, not a spot on my carpet or my favorite chair, but a spot I call my own; a space where I feel renewed and at ease. Where I can curl up with a good book or just close my eyes for five minutes before the start of my day.

We all live very busy lives. I know I am stretched too thin at times and feel that something just has to give!

Well, the bad news is, I don’t have a magic bullet. However, for me, “work-life balance” has been a life-long pursuit. Finding time for myself (even if it’s just for a few minutes) is the single most important part of my day. One way I’ve learned to do this for myself (and for my clients) is by creating a space in my home that is just for me.

Live Midori: Restore Your Sanity By Carving Out Your CornerI treat this space as sacred. Its purpose is to help me renew my strength to face the next challenge. I use my space as a place to meditate and to be present to how grateful I am for the blessings in my life. I love to journal, so this is where I find time to write. For you it can be a place to read a few pages from a book, flip through a magazine, or cool down after a taxing day or fight with the hubby. Whatever it is you have going on in your life, you can use your spot as a place to recharge.

My clients have found various places for their spots. I’ve seen unused bedrooms, walk-in closets and basement nooks that rarely gets used turned into awesome personal spots. I use a corner of a second bedroom we converted to a makeshift media room (it has a loveseat and over-sized TV… yes, I have a husband who loves to buy the latest and greatest electronics!

The point here is, there is no house that is too small, or a life too busy for you to carve out a little space of your own. Create your spot today and notice how many times it actually “calls” to you… beckoning you to take just a few minutes to unwind, chill, relax, put your feet up… (I think you get the point)!


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